Nicole Kidman Says ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 3 Is in ‘Good Shape’ and Moving Ahead ‘Fast and Furious’: Author Liane Moriarty ‘Is Delivering the Book’

Big Little Lies

Nicole Kidman and her “Big Little Lies” co-star Reese Witherspoon reunited for a recent Vanity Fair video interview and briefly touched upon a potential third season of their Emmy-winning HBO series. Kidman has spoken publicly on numerous occasions about “Big Little Lies” Season 3 moving forward, to which Witherspoon now said: “This one has already said too much.”

“I got excited,” Kidman admitted about letting some “Big Little Lies” Season 3 news slip out prematurely. “We need to shut up. There’s a whole thing about how you should never talk about something until you’ve done it because if you talk about doing it then it’s the dopamine hit of doing it and you feel like you’ve done it. It’s a scientific study.”

But that didn’t stop Kidman from talking about “Big Little Lies” Season 3 once again, as she provided this update to fans: “We’re moving fast and furious. Liane [Moriarty] is delivering the book. We’re in good shape.”

Kidman told Variety in January that she and Witherspoon were “texting every day” about a third season, and she then said in an interview with Elle magazine in March that her daughter, Sunday Rose, was partly responsible for getting “Big Little Lies” Season 3 off the ground. Sunday demanded another season after finishing Season 2 and even had some criticisms to share about her mother’s character arc.

“My daughter is the one who watched both of the series and went, ‘Okay, there’s just no question, there has to be a third,’” Kidman said, adding that Sunday gave her notes on character development. “She’s like, ‘Celeste, she’s not coping in the second one, what is she doing? I could kind of see the point of view of Mary Louise.’”

Celeste is the character played by Kidman. In the show’s second season, Celeste and her friends have to keep the truth about the death of Celeste’s husband (played by Alexander Skarsgård in the first season) a secret from his pestering mother, Mary Louise (Meryl Streep).

HBO and Max content chairman/CEO Casey Bloys told Variety earlier this year that he’s ready for “Big Little Lies” Season 3.

“Where you have all these stars, you’ve got to get their schedules in line, we have to get it written,” Bloys said. “So, there’s a lot that needs to be done. It’s very early stages right now. The entire cast is doing shows and movies, and everybody’s very busy. But it’s a very special group. They love working together. And when they land on an idea, I believe they will make it happen. We’re excited when they’re ready, and we will take those steps when they’re ready.”

Watch Kidman and Witherspoon’s full Vanity Fair video interview in the post below.

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