Casting Guild of Australia Awards Nominees Announced

Guy Pearce holding Ramsay Street sign
Courtesy of Casting Guild of Australia

The nominees for the 2022 Casting Guild of Australia Awards have been revealed.

In the running for Best Casting in a Feature Film is Alison Telford and Yvette Reid for “Nude Tuesday”, and Marianne Jade for “Sissy”, while Anousha Zarkesh has scored two separate nominations – one for “The Stranger” and another for “We Are Still Here”.

Zarkesh is also nominated in Best Casting in a TV Drama for “Mystery Road: Origin”, up against Amanda Mitchell for “Heartbreak High“, Thea McLeod for “Neighbours” and Kirsty McGregor for “The Twelve”.

She also scored a nod in Best Casting in a TV Comedy for “Preppers”, as did Mitchell for “Spreadsheet”. Other nominees in this category include Nathan Lloyd for “Summer Love” and Stevie Ray for “Wolf Like Me”.

Zarkesh is also acknowledged for her work on “Bali 2002” and “True Colours” in Best Casting in a Telemovie/TV Miniseries, as is McGregor for “Savage River” and Lloyd for “Love Me”.

The awards will take place on Dec. 2 at the Holding Redlich Melbourne with hosts Julia Morris and Nazeem Hussain and special guest Robert Connolly.

They seek to recognise and support the critical role casting directors play in bringing together great casting opportunities both on a national and international stage.

Thea McLeod, CGA president, said the organisation is thrilled to be able to host the awards in person this year.

“Casting directors are very important players in the magical jigsaw puzzle of creating a show, be it TV, film, theatre or commercials,” McLeod said.

“Putting together the best cast, full of flavour, diversity, rapport and chemistry, can ultimately make the show shine and stand out from the crowd – their knowledge of the acting world is paramount to every production.

“After all the challenges to our industry over the past few years, it feels very refreshing to get back to a sense of normality and to get back to work, which is reflected in the extensive and wide range of nominees.

“This year saw so many outstanding productions being submitted, showcasing the amazing talent – both new and established – in our industry. It was an extremely competitive year and everyone across the board should be extremely proud of all their creative input.”

2022 Casting Guild of Australia Awards nominees: 

Best Casting in a Feature Film
“Nude Tuesday” – Alison Telford, Yvette Reid
“SISSY” – Marianne Jade
“The Stranger” – Anousha Zarkesh
“We Are Still Here” – Anousha Zarkesh

Best Casting in a TV Drama
“Heartbreak High” – Amanda Mitchell
“Mystery Road: Origin” – Anousha Zarkesh
“Neighbours” – Thea McLeod
“The Twelve” – Kirsty McGregor

Best Casting in a TV Comedy
“Preppers” – Anousha Zarkesh
“Spreadsheet” – Amanda Mitchell
“Summer Love” – Nathan Lloyd
“Wolf Like Me” – Stevie Ray

Best Casting in a Telemovie/TV Miniseries
“Bali 2002” – Anousha Zarkesh
“Love Me” – Nathan Lloyd
“Savage River” – Kirsty McGregor
“True Colours” – Anousha Zarkesh

Best Casting in a Short Film
“Don’t Come In … Yet!” – Megan D’Arcy
“The Moths Will Eat Them Up” – Tom McSweeney, David Newman
“Thomas Rides in an Ambulance” – Megan D’Arcy
“VICTIM” – Daniella Friedman

Best Casting in a Theatre Production
“A Raisin in the Sun” – Alex Souvlis
“Looking for Alibrandi” – Marline Zaibak
“Moulin Rouge! The Musical” – Lisa Campbell
“The Heartbreak Choir” – Janine Snape
“White Pearl” – Alex Souvlis

Best Casting in a TVC
BUPA Flextras – Danny Long
Google – Micaeley Gibson, Anousha Zarkesh
Google x AFL “Helping You Help Them” – Natalie Jane Harvie
MONA “1 star review” – Felicity Byrne
SBS “We All Speak” – Mathew Waters
Toyota Corolla “Never Stop Smiling” – Daniella Friedman

Best Casting in a TVC – Community
Aus Post – Stevie Ray
Destination NSW – Natalie Jane Harvie
Dulux “Summer Sessions” – Sarah Alekna, Annabel Clayton
Qantas – Stevie Ray
R U OK? – Nick Hamon, Amy Mete
Red Cross “Lifeblood of Australia” – Peta Dermatis, Lauren Mass

Achievement in Casting
“A Beginner’s Guide to Grief” – Amanda Mitchell
“Maverix” – Nathan Lloyd
“The Australia Wars” – Anousha Zarkesh
“UNHCR” – Reluctant Sea Shanty – Natalie Jane Harvie