“The Bachelors” will not hit screens this year, Network 10’s parent company Paramount ANZ has finally confirmed.

Speculation has been increasing about where the revamped dating show would fit in 10’s schedule given “The Love Boat Australia” is currently screening and the official ratings period will come to an end on Nov. 26.

Paramount ANZ has now confirmed, however, that the latest iteration of “The Bachelor” franchise – this time with multiple frontmen – will screen in the off-season in January.

Host Osher Gunsberg said the show still finds and celebrates love better than anyone.

“There’s a lot that’s going to look and feel very different. I mean, the name of the show for starters. It’s “The Bachelors”. Plural. There’s three of them. An abundance of Bachelors,” he said.

“Joining these three eligible young men from across the country are smart, powerful, beautiful women who – like our Bachelors – are over the dating apps, the ghosting and the inability to commit.”

This year’s show was filmed on the Gold Coast, a shift from its traditional home of Sydney.

It is not clear from the announcement which platform or channel the program will screen on.

“The Bachelors Australia” is produced by Warner Bros. Australia for Paramount’s Australian TV operation, Network 10.