Nine’s Melissa Caddick Podcast ‘Liar Liar’ Soars to No. 3 on Ranker

Melissa Caddick true crime podcast Liar
Courtesy of Nine Publishing

“Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions” has climbed up the Australian Podcast Ranker, moving into the top five and becoming the third most popular podcast in the country.

The true-crime podcast hosted by journalists Kate McClymont and Tom Steinfort had 591,775 monthly listeners in May who downloaded 1,132,331 episodes of the podcast.

In terms of monthly listeners – the metric the Australian Podcast Ranker uses for placing the podcasts – this only put “Liar, Liar” behind Listnr’s “Hamish and Andy” (967,719) and Audioboom’s “Casefile True Crime” (942,128).

The top 10 Australian podcasts for May. Courtesy of Triton Digital

Nine has also capitalised on the Caddick tale by turning it into an “Underbelly” mini-series on television.

After its overnight ratings came out, the network said it was the highest-rating new Australian drama launch since “Seachange” in 2019.

In terms of monthly downloads – the metric the Podcast Ranker previously used to determine positions – a number of titles have now cracked the 1 million mark.

ARN’s “Stuff You Should Know” had 2,842,323 downloads, despite placing No. 8 on the ranker with 334,274 listeners.

Second in terms of downloads was “Casefile True Crime” with 2,340,196.

ARN’s recut radio show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show”, which puts out far more content and episodes than some competing podcasts, was third with 2,135,809 downloads from 462,247 monthly listeners.

Next up was “Hamish and Andy” with its 2,188,128 downloads, with Schwartz Media’s “7am” (1,644,131), ARN’s “Life Uncut with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne” (1,435,615) and “Liar Liar” all cracking the 1 million mark.

Within the top 100 podcasts, the biggest ascent came from “The Chaser Report”, which jumped 46 spots to No. 56 with 73,490 listeners and 177,460 downloads.

The biggest fall was Nova Entertainment’s “What the Flux”, down 40 spots to No. 64 off the back of 68,183 listeners and 166,230 downloads.

The top five podcast publishers remained the same from last month.

The top Australian podcast publishers in May. Courtesy of Triton Digital

ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network topped the charts with 3,646,444 listeners and 19,617,089 downloads. SCA’s Listnr easily held onto No. 2 with 3,112,307 listeners and 10,699,519 downloads.

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