Delta Goodrem has revealed she is “heartbroken” by the conclusion of long-running soap “Neighbours” and said the show is part of all Australians’ DNA.

Goodrem is one of many returning stars to tonight’s (Thursday, July 28) finale. She will join the likes of Margot Robbie, Jesse Spencer and Kylie Minogue in farewelling the program.

Goodrem hinted that the show’s impact had perhaps been underplayed, because viewers and the industry always assumed it would be there.

“I think it really is the end of an era, but you also feel like it was always going to be there. You didn’t think it was ever leaving because it’s been so important to our industry, so important,” she said on Fox FM’s “Fifi, Fev and Nick” show.

“I’m heartbroken to hear the end of it,” she added, noting that “I would not be here if it was not for ‘Neighbours'”.

Echoing the sentiments of many industry pundits and former stars farewelling the show, she noted the soap was the original home of many actors and actresses, and had become part of the furniture in the Australian arts scene.

It’s not yet clear how Goodrem’s character, Nina Tucker, will return, and Goodrem remained tight-lipped about the story line.

She did, however, note the intense character arc of Nina, and just how much her character had been through.

“I went from the shy school girl… I was the housekeeper for a while at Lassiters, I was also, I worked at, I had a few different jobs, because Nina didn’t live in [Ramsay] Street, so I was a bit of a gypsy,” she said when trying to think of her most “bizarre” storyline.

“Then she got a bit sassier and ended updating Jack Scully. And then my [on-screen] mum, Trixie, ended up winning the lotto and marrying Lou Carpenter, which was my way to move into the street, and then she stole all the lotto money and knicked off and I was with Lou.”