“The PM’s Daughter” is gearing up for Season 2, with filming taking place throughout Sydney.

The show will premiere on ABC Me next year.

The series was first created by Tristram Baumber “(The Unlisted and “Born to Spy”) and Matthew Allread. Season 2 will be led by producer Tim Powell (“Rock Island Mysteries“) and co-producer Yingna Lu (“New Gold Mountain” and “Love Bug”).

The comedy-drama is produced by Fremantle Australia for the ABC.

The 10-episode series tracks Cat Parkes Pérez (Cassandra Helmot) as she deals with being the Prime Minister’s daughter. In Season 2, a brand new conspiracy theory will emerge, sending her on a desperate search for the truth. Plus there will be a federal election campaign, a highly competitive tech internship, and her mother’s love life in the headlines.

Natalie English plays best friend Sadie and Jaga Yap appears as Ollie.

Mary-Ellen Mullane, managing editor of ABC Children’s, said the broadcaster is looking forward to sharing the series with audiences soon.

“We are very excited to be in production on a second “PM’s Daughter” series with Cat now firmly ensconced in the Lodge with her PM Mum, Isabel, surrounded by her best mates Sadie, Ollie, and newcomer Alex. There’s loads more political intrigue, super surprising teen crushes and yes, the constant challenges of teen life lived firmly and squarely in the public eye,” she said.

Warren Clarke, an executive producer with Fremantle, added: “After the phenomenal success of the first season, we’re delighted to continue our collaboration with the ABC for a second term of “The PM’s Daughter”. We are once again thrilled to have a fantastic creative team who are taking the series to new heights with even more of the fun and thrills that our audience have come to love.”

Grainne Brunsdon, Screen Australia’s head of content, said: “We know Cat’s adventures proved popular with young viewers and we’re delighted to support a second season of this fresh series. The talented creative team have done a brilliant job of crafting a smart drama that explores contemporary issues and real world politics in a fun and engaging way.”