“Million Dollar Island” has been commissioned by the Seven Network for a local iteration of the series.

The Australian version of “Million Dollar Island” will debut on Channel 7 and 7Plus in 2023.

It will be produced by Eureka Productions.

“Million Dollar Island” was co-developed by John de Mol, who is behind the likes of “Big Brother” and “The Voice”. The format was co-developed with Wim van Dam and Jourik van der Vorst.

It launched in the Netherlands in early March via del Mol’s Talpa. Since then, Studio Lambert has worked on the US and UK editions, and the show has also been sold to the Middle East.

The show’s concept revolves around 100 people trying to stay on a remote desert island, vying for the chance to win $1 million.

Each contestant starts the series with a bracelet worth $10,000. While they are on the island, they can gain and lose bracelets by competing in various games, and also receive bracelets from other contestants.

On the last day, when just a few contestants remain, players get their chance to cash in their bracelets in an “exciting test of nerves”, but they could still lose everything at the last minute.

Angus Ross, Seven’s chief content officer for entertainment programming, hyped up the new series.

“John de Mol has developed some of the most original, successful and impactful formats in television history,” he said. “The game play, strategy, emotion and drama – set in a beautiful, remote location – will make “Million Dollar Island” one of the must-watch TV shows of 2023.”

Paul Franklin, Co-CEO of Eureka Productions, said “Million Dollar Island” is event television at its best.

“Playing out in a stunningly exotic setting, this will be an unmissable series packed with intrigue, secret alliances and incredibly high stakes. We’re thrilled to be bringing such an exciting show to Seven’s viewers,” he said.

Casting has commenced for Australia’s version of “Million Dollar Island” and producers are calling for people to submit applications.