‘The Daily Aus’ partners with ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network

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Courtesy of iHeartPodcast Network Australia

“The Daily Aus” podcast has a new podcast partner in the form of ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network.

As part of the deal, ARN will attempt to further grow the audience of “The Daily Aus” and connect the podcast with more brands.

Previously the podcast was distributed by Acast.

“The Daily Aus” targets millennials who want to better understand the complex news cycle. It started out as a social-first news service with founders Zara Seidler and Sam Kosowski turning their ability to explain the news to their friends into a business.

It is now a daily short-form podcast.

In addition, Seidler and Kosowski have launched “No Silly Questions” in the lead up to the Federal Election. “No Silly Questions” features in-depth interviews with politicians, experts and advocates in a bid to arm young voters with the information they need.

Corey Layton, head of digital audio at ARN, said the iHeartPodcast network is proud to partner with “The Daily Aus”.

“Sam and Zara have created an incredible brand that explains the stories that matter to young Aussies, deserving of their ever-growing list of accolades and online dominance,” he said.

“‘The Daily Aus’ joins an array of diverse podcasts in the network, across multiple genres, that specifically speak to millennials, which further benefits our advertising partners.”

Koslowski said he’s looking forward to further growing the brand.

“There’s nothing in the Australian news podcast market for young people, by young people. ‘The Daily Aus’ is here to change that – and it’s great to be recognised in the Podcast Ranker,” he said.

“We’re off to a flying start with the team at ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network and are so excited to be working with such a successful and respected organisation. Our podcasts punch well above their weight, and we are pumped to put some serious resources behind them to become the leaders in youth news.”