Everything Coming to Prime Video in October 2022

Catherine Called Birdy

Some of this year’s most prominent films, including Lena Dunham’s latest, are coming to Prime Video this October.

On October 22nd, Robert Eggers’ historical epic thriller film “The Northman” hits Prime Video. Based on the legend of Amleth, the story follows a Viking prince who heads on a quest to avenge the murder of his father.

With an impressive ensemble cast featuring Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Dafoe, and even Björk, there’s a reason “The Northman” has finally found commercial success in home media following an underwhelming box office performance.

It spawned thousands of comical internet memes, so October 29th may be the day to catch “Morbius” on Prime Video to see what all the fuss was about.

The third film in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe featured ludicrously loud performances from Jared Leto and Matt Smith as the titular character and his surrogate brother Milo respectively, who both become living vampires after curing themselves of a rare blood disease.

After several attempts to bring “Morbius” to the big screen over two decades, the reviews weren’t exactly worth the wait, although Smith – currently impressing in “House of the Dragon” – earned some praise for his committed performance.

10 years after “Girls” premiered, Lena Dunham has brought her idiosyncratic storytelling to a medieval comedy. “Catherine Called Birdy”, based on the classic children’s novel of the same name, arrives on Prime Video on October 7th.

In medieval England, Lady Catherine, the daughter of a financially destitute Lord, thwarts her father’s greedy plan to marry her off to a wealthy suitor. When the most vile suitor of all arrives, her parent’s love for her is truly tested.
See the full list of titles below:

October 1st
“Raging Bull”
“West Side Story”
“Puss in Boots”
“Top Gun”
“Mark Hunt: The Fight of His Life”

October 5th
“Criminal” (2016)
“Reginald the Vampire” (Season 1)

October 7th
“Catherine Called Birdy”

October 8th
“The Duke” (2022)

October 12th
“The Voices”

October 15th
“Chuck” (Seasons 1-5)

October 19th
“Wolf Creek 2”

October 20th

October 21st
“The Peripheral” (Season 1)

October 22nd
“The Northman”
“Ambulance” (2022)

October 26th
“The Cabin in the Woods”

October 27th
“2 Broke Girls” (Seasons 1-6)

October 28th
“High School” (Season 1)
“The Devil’s Hour” (Season 1)

October 29th