7 Short and Immersive True Crime Podcasts to Binge This Weekend

True Crime Podcasts
Kenny Eliason/Unsplash

True crime podcasts are a phenomenon.

The genre has captivated the internet and audiences worldwide, and at times even contributed to progress being made in unsolved cases.

Or in the case of Adnan Syed, the subject of a Serial podcast in 2014, podcasts can shed light on fatal errors in murder investigations (the Serial podcast was largely credited to be the one that started it all, but the genre has since grown).

Almost every major news outlet – from the New York Times to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation – has released its own true crime podcast or podcast series.

In response to the massive cult followings grown from the longer more independent podcast series like Serial and Case file.

To follow an investigative journalist into the depths of a gruesome small-town murder or to throw yourself into a wicked tale of drug smugglers on board a ship from North Korea is an experience that only true crime podcasts can give you.

According to iHeartRadio and Magellan AI, spending on podcast Adversiting grew by 72% year on year. The true crime genre has seen the most growth, up 205% compared to one year ago.

Radio Alive puts true crime as the second most popular podcast genre in Australia, with listener numbers averaging over two million in April this year. The medium was also the inspiration for a Disney Plus hit TV series, “Only Murders in the Building”.

When it comes to what podcasts you should listen to and what crimes they follow (whether it be a murder mystery or a great internet scam) listeners are spoiled for choice.

Variety Australia has compiled the ultimate list to help solve this problem – the best short and immersive podcasts to keep you on the edge of your seat.