The Best Environmental Documentaries to Add to Your Watch List

The Best Environmental Documentaries Add Your

Environmental docos do more than just showcase stunning visuals of our planet – they’re vital for educating, inspiring and challenging us to think critically about the world we live in and our role in its future. 

From the impact of industrial agriculture to the beauty and fragility of our natural ecosystems, these films bring important issues to light and are always worth dedicating a movie night to. Here, we round up the best nature docos to stream right now.  

“The Biggest Little Farm” (2018)

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Nature documentaries can sometimes be disheartening, but not this one. The Biggest Little Farm is an inspiring and heartwarming film that follows the journey of John and Molly Chester as they leave the city behind to start a sustainable farm. Over eight years, it shows the amazing biodiversity they create and the challenges they face. Chickens, veggies, stone fruits, cattle and horses – it’s got it all. 

“Our Great National Parks” (2022)

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Hosted by former President Barack Obama, Our Great National Parks is a breathtaking documentary series that takes us on a journey through some of the world’s most iconic and lesser-known national parks. The series highlights the biodiversity and unique ecosystems of these areas, while driving home the importance of conservation. 

“Down to Earth with Zac Efron”

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In the second season of Down to Earth, Zac Efron travels across Australia to explore sustainable living and innovative solutions to environmental problems. It’s a fun, easy educational series that combines adventure, culture, and environmentalism, offering viewers a fresh perspective on how we can live more harmoniously with our planet. 

“Blackfish” (2013)

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Blackfish is a confronting watch. This eye-opening documentary explores the dark side of whales in captivity. The film focuses on Tilikum, an orca at SeaWorld, and the tragic consequences of keeping these intelligent creatures confined. Blackfish has had a significant impact on public perception and policies regarding marine life in captivity, making it a must-watch for animal lovers and activists. 

“Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” (2014)

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Directed by Kip Andersen, this thought-provoking documentary challenges us to reconsider our dietary choices and the sustainability of our food systems. It’s a powerful look at the environmental impact animal-based diets are having on the planet, and how livestock contributes to deforestation, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Aerial Africa” (2017)

Watch on Paramount+

Ever wished you could see the world from a bird’s-eye view? Well, this doco takes you up there. A visually spectacular series, it takes you on a journey across Africa, showcasing its mountains, deserts, forests, and wildlife from an aerial perspective. Strap in and enjoy the truly breathtaking cinematography. 

“Hugh’s Wild West” (2018)

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Naturalist and TV presenter Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall explores the stunning landscapes and rich wildlife of Britain’s West Country. This delightful documentary series showcases Hugh’s passion for nature as he meets with local conservationists and discovers the unique flora and fauna of the region. 

“My Octopus Teacher” (2020)

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Filmmaker Craig Foster takes us on a wild journey as he forms an extraordinary bond with an octopus in South Africa’s kelp forests. This moving documentary captures their daily interactions and showcases the intelligence of this remarkable creature. You’ve never seen sealife like this before. 

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