How to Set Up a Nursery If You Want Your Kid to Have Great Taste in Music

Metro Baby nursery

Setting up the nursery for your new bub is one of the most exciting parts of the pre-parenthood journey and there’s a lot to consider. But have you thought about how your nursery decisions could impact your future rock and roller’s music tastes? If you want to make sure your child knows their Zeppelin from their Hendrix, read on for our tips to setting up the perfect music lovers nursery with your trusted baby store, Metro Baby. 

Choosing the right vibe for your baby’s nursery can be a headache. There’s so much to consider for this little person you may not have even met yet. So why not use it as an opportunity to share something that makes you happy, music, and perhaps work towards guaranteeing you’ve got the coolest kid on the block along the way. 

Through some careful design choices and excellent decor from Metro Baby, you can create a musical oasis that anyone would want to spend their early years in. Here are our top tips.

Colours for Creativity 

Starting at the very beginning, the colour you choose for your nursery can have a big impact on the way your child feels within it. Yellow encourages creativity and has the added benefit of also helping with feelings of happiness. Orange is also a great mood booster, while green promotes concentration and calmness. We’re not suggesting you turn your nursery space into the inside of a beach ball, but incorporating these colours into a room through murals or feature walls is a great way to start strong with your decor choices. 

Embrace Retro

Music increases a child’s sensory development and encouraging dance and an appreciation of music can help with confidence and is also just really fun. So having a means of playing music in your nursery is a great way to encourage an early interest with your child, but why not go a step further and get a little bit retro. A record player won’t just look beautiful, it can also be the first step in a lifetime of collecting records. There’s something incredibly special about the permanence of records and the process of sitting down to listen to one. You might not have a lot of chances for quiet time in those early years, but finding the right records to soothe your bothered bub could be the beginning of a long term obsession for both of you.

Go for Gadgets

Or if the idea of popping a record on is far too much for you to handle when you’re juggling everything else, make it easy for yourself and go digital. There is a massive range of digital sound machines and other easy to use musical pieces of tech on the market if you just want something you can switch on in an instant. Check out the range available at Metro Baby, or even just grab a bluetooth speaker and a music subscription and curate your own playlists. Be prepared for your Spotify Wrapped to never be the same again!

Do It with Decor

Now you’ve picked your colours and got the tunes sorted, the next step is decor. Wall art is the obvious option here, but you don’t need to cover the walls in band posters like you’re preparing a uni dorm room. There are so many options now for affordable art and you can take the theme of music and get a bit abstract with it to make sure your nursery doesn’t look like a greenroom. 

To complement your tasteful, musically-inspired, art choices, look at other things like soft furnishings, rugs and blankets with a lyrical theme. Lighting, curtains, and even accent pieces like mobiles are all more options to bring some musical energy into the room. You can look at anything from musical notes to instruments, whatever fits with the vibe of the rest of the room. 

Take Inspiration

You don’t need to be completely literal with your inspo for your musical prodigy. If you’d like your child to be inspired by a particular era of music, you could let that lead your design choices. The 70s would be an easy era to emulate, with beautiful earth tones and natural textures. This would also allow you to be a bit more fluid with your design choices. 

Decor for nurseries has come a long way and there are some incredibly chic options available. Your nursery doesn’t have to be completely disconnected to the overall energy of your home, you can tie everything in together.

Bring the Fun

Don’t forget, at the end of the day design is fun and designing for children is even more fun! Music brings us so much pleasure in life and ultimately that’s what you want to share with your little one. If you’re planning for them to become a diehard music lover, don’t forget the fun parts, interactive toys, cute decor and fun elements for both bubs and you to enjoy. 

Of course, what is a music room without some instruments at the end of the day? Just make sure you’ve got some chic storage to hide them in from time to time! 

By infusing your little one’s nursery with the sights and sounds of music, you can lay the groundwork for a lifelong appreciation of melody, rhythm, and harmony. While fostering great taste in music is just one aspect of your child’s upbringing, creating a musical nursery can be a wonderful way to introduce the beauty and joy of music into their early world.

For all your nursery decor needs you can’t go past Metro Baby, the trusted baby store. Check out the full selection of baby and kids’ nursery decor to create the perfect sanctuary for your little one here