Lupita Nyong’o Says Movie Press Junkets Are a ‘Torture Technique’ and It’s ‘Irritating’ Having to Give an ‘Articulate Answer’ to the Same Questions

Lupita Nyong'o
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Lupita Nyong’o is embarking on a global press tour as the star of Paramount’s horror prequel “A Quiet Place: Day One,” but she could probably do without the press junkets. During an interview with Glamour magazine, the Oscar winner was asked about what irritates her most about being an actor.

“Interviews,” she answered. “You asked. I have to be honest. I’m going to tell you.”

Nyong’o clarified by saying that she does not necessarily mean all interviews are torture, but she does find press junkets to be a “torture technique” as “different people are being ferried in” to ask the same questions. She added: “You have to give each one of them attention, focus and an articulate answer that you just gave to the person before. That’s irritating.”

Per Glamour: “Early in her career, Nyong’o says, she was burdened by wanting to make sure she was perfect—her word—for every encounter. Since then she has accepted the fact that she can’t give 100% every day. ‘These days I allow myself to be a human being,’ she says. ‘I’ve just found a way of forgiving myself for not being perfect.’”

Nyong’o is far from the only star to be honest about her irritation with press tours. Recent Oscar winner Cillian Murphy told GQ magazine in February that press tours (complete with red-carpet interviews and junkets) are not a great model and he’d much prefer to let the movies do the heavy promotional lifting.

“It’s a broken model,” he said of Hollywood’s press tour system, admitting that he was somewhat relieved when the SAG-AFTRA strike began just ahead of “Oppenheimer’s” opening weekend as it meant no more press opportunities for a certain amount of time. “The model is — everybody is so bored.”

“It’s like Joanne Woodward said,” Murphy added. “‘Acting is like sex — do it, don’t talk about it’ … People always used to say to me, ‘He has reservations’ or ‘He’s a difficult interviewee.’ Not really! I love talking about work, about art. What I struggle with, and find unnecessary, and unhelpful about what I want to do, is: ‘Tell me about yourself…’”

Nyong’o stars in “A Quiet Place: Day One” as Sam, whose day trip to New York City is upended by an alien invasion. She’s forced to befriend a stranger (“Stranger Things” breakout Joseph Quinn) in order to survive. The film is a prequel to John Krasinski’s horror franchise. “Pig” filmmaker Michael Sarnoski directs. The movie opens in theaters June 28 from Paramount.

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