Jeremy Allen White Plans to Do His Own Singing in Bruce Springsteen Movie, Wants to Have His ‘Own Process’ Before Meeting the Rock Star

Jeremy Allen White
Michael Buckner for Variety

Jeremy Allen White will soon be swapping his chef’s knife for a guitar pick.

“The Bear” star is set to portray Bruce Springsteen in “Deliver Me From Nowhere,” the 20th Century Studios movie about the making of the rock legend’s 1982 album, “Nebraska.”

At the Season 3 red carpet premiere of “The Bear” on Tuesday night, White revealed to Variety‘s Marc Malkin that he hasn’t met Springsteen yet.

“We’ve communicated a little bit through some other people, but I hope this still all comes together,” White said. “We’ve still got a few things, we’ve got some timing stuff to work out, and I’m trying to have a bit of my own process with it before meeting the man, too.”

He added, “I wanna try to have an understanding, so when I meet him, I’ll have a bit of confidence somewhere in me to stand there.”

Asked if he wants to do his own singing for the Springsteen film, White replied, “We’re gonna try. We’re gonna try our best.”

In the meantime, White is stepping back into the kitchen as Chef Carmy Berzatto in the third season of “The Bear.”

“We let a lot of these beautiful characters and beautiful actors shine that maybe haven’t had their moments in previous seasons,” he teased about the upcoming season. “The world gets bigger, but we also maintain the same heart, structure, energy that we had in the very beginning.”

White also spoke about his co-star Ayo Edebiri, who is making her directorial debut in “The Bear” Season 3.

“She did a beautiful job,” White said of Edebiri directing. “She was very confident. Everybody knows how smart she is, and she’s a beautiful actress and very intuitive actress — and I think she’s a very beautiful and intuitive director as well.”

All 10 episodes of “The Bear” Season 3 will arrive on Hulu at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

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