Triple M Axes Sydney Breakfast Show ‘MG, Jess and Pagey’

Triple M Sydney breakfast show with
Courtesy of Triple M

Triple M Sydney is set to have a new breakfast show next year, with the current hosts revealing their show won’t be returning.

On air this morning, Jess Eva kicked off the “MG, Jess and Pagey” show by announcing Friday would be the final show.

She said herself and co-host Mark Geyer (MG) would still have jobs with the station in 2023, but didn’t reveal what the new roles would be.

Former co-host and show anchor Chris ‘Pagey’ Page actually already finished up with the show earlier this year, but he will return for the farewell on Friday.

Geyer said the final show would be a reflection and a celebration.

“Tomorrow’s going to be all about reflection. Tomorrow’s going to be all about the year that we’ve had together… And it’s a bit of a celebration for a, look, short but sharp stint we’ve had together. We’ve had some amazing times together… It’s a time for celebration tomorrow because it’s the first time for a while the three of us will be in the same room together. So we’ll have some fun,” he said.

Eva paid tribute to her co-hosts and said MG had “sprinkled the love all over Sydney”.

“I absolutely adore you, MG, and the greatest thing about doing these things is you very rarely find friends that you know that you’re going to keep forever. And… I just adore ya… Life’s for livin’ right? And for some reason in this life, everyone gets attached to ‘I’ve gotta do this. I’ve gotta do that’… But at the end of the day, it’s just about human relationships, and if you roll in here to a breakfast show and you pick up a couple of soulmates and then you roll back out again and have a wine, how good’s livin’? And that’s what life’s about.”

Triple M Sydney’s former breakfast show “Moonman in the Morning” featuring Page and Eva alongside Lawrence ‘Moonman’ Mooney was thrown into turmoil last year when Mooney abruptly departed the show.

His reasons for departure were unclear, however he alter settled a legal dispute with Triple M’s parent company Southern Cross Austereo (SCA).

In the most recent radio ratings, Triple M Sydney had a 3.7% share in the breakfast slot, a decline of 1.2 points from the survey prior. This put the breakfast show’s share behind the station’s overall average of 4.0% and behind SCA stablemate 2Day FM, which had 4.2% in breakfast.