Radio Ratings: Triple J Loses Share in Most Major Cities

Triple J logo with Lewis Hobba
Courtesy of Triple J

The radio ratings for Survey 6 have been released, revealing dips in share across the board for the ABC’s youth broadcaster Triple J in every major metropolitan capital except Adelaide.

The station was down 0.5 in Sydney to a share of 4.0%. In the demographic of those aged 18 to 24, it was up 4.8 points to 14.4%, however in those aged 10 to 17, it was down 1.3 points to 3.2%.

Triple J generally targets those aged 18 to 24.

In Melbourne, the station was down 0.4 to 3.3% of the radio listening audience.

With those aged 10 to 17 – who in the coming years will be in Triple J’s demo – the station had a share of 4.8% (down 0.1), while in 18 to 24s it was up slightly to 4.8%, an increase of 0.2.

In Brisbane, its overall share was down 0.9 to 5.4%. And while it had a share of 6.1% in those aged 10 to 17 (up 2.7), it was down 2.1 in the 18 to 24s to 11.4%.

In Perth, Triple J dipped 0.3 to a share of 6.3% overall, and suffered falls of 0.5 in the 10 to 17s (taking it to 5.4%) and 0.3 in 18 to 24s (10.8%).

The numbers were only on the up in Adelaide, where the station climbed 0.4 to a share of 5.0% overall. In the 10 to 17 demo, it climbed 0.8 to 5.7%. It was up 2.2 points to 8.5% in its key demo of 18 to 24.

Its cumulative audience numbers, however, were mostly stable.

Sydney remained the same, with Triple J’s cumulative audience totalling 588,000. Brisbane was up 1,000 to 361,000, and Adelaide was up 4,000 to 167,000.

Perth had a more significant climb, up 13,000 to 333,000, while Melbourne jumped 33,000 to 581,000.

Triple J traditionally has its best performance in Survey 1, in the lead up to and broadcasting of its Hottest 100 Countdown in late January.

This survey ran from July 10 to Sept 17.

The station is currently running its Requestival event, which kicked off on Monday (Sept. 26).

From 6am to 10pm each day from Monday to Friday this week, every song broadcast on the radio station will be programmed by one of its listeners.

Last year over 80,000 requests were received for listeners’ favourite tunes. Less traditional audio moments were also thrown into the mix, including former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s iconic misogyny speech “Not Now, Not Ever”, the theme song of children’s TV show “The Saddle Club”, and the track from the 90s’ television ad “You Wouldn’t Steal a Car”.


#1 FM Overall: Smooth FM (10.9%)
#1 AM Overall: 2GB (12.8%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Kiis’ Kyle and Jackie O (12.8%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 2GB’s Ben Fordham (16.9%)
#1 FM Drive: Smooth FM’s Byron Webb (10.5%)*
#1 AM Drive: ABC’s Richard Glover (8.9%)*

Biggest Mover Up: Smooth FM (+1.2)
Biggest Mover Down: 2GB (-0.8)

Sydney Radio Ratings Survey 6 2022. Courtesy of GfK


#1 FM Overall: Gold 104.3 (11.9%)
#1 AM Overall: 3AW (13.4%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Gold’s Christian O’Connell (10.2%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 3AW’s Ross and Russel (19.3%)
#1 FM Drive: Gold’s Dave ‘Higgo’ Higgins (12.8%)
#1 AM Drive: 3AW’s Tom Elliott (10.2%)

Biggest Mover Up: Triple M 105.1 (+1.5)
Biggest Mover Down: 3AW (-1.1)

Melbourne Radio Ratings Survey 6 2022. Courtesy of GfK


#1 FM Overall: B105 (13.3%)*
#1 AM Overall: 4BH (8.6%)*
#1 FM Breakfast: Nova’s Ash, Luttsy and Susie O’Neill (14.1%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 4BC’s Laurel, Gary and Mark (11.8%)
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim and Joel (15.5%)
#1 AM Drive: 4BH’s Cathy Jubb (6.5%)*

Biggest Mover Up: 4BH (+4.0)
Biggest Mover Down: Triple J (-0.9)

Brisbane Radio Ratings Survey 6 2022. Courtesy of GfK


#1 FM Overall: Nova 91.9 (11.8%)
#1 AM Overall: FiveAA (10.0%)*
#1 FM Breakfast: Nova 91.9’s Ben and Liam (11.9%)
#1 AM Breakfast: FiveAA’s David Penberthy and Will Goodings (14.6%)*
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim and Joel (13.4%)*
#1 AM Drive: Cruise1323’s Mark Elliston (9.1%)

Biggest Mover Up: FiveAA (+1.1)
Biggest Mover Down: ABC Adelaide (-2.7)

Adelaide Radio Ratings Survey 6 2022. Courtesy of GfK


#1 FM Overall: Nova 93.7 (15.9%)
#1 AM Overal: 6PR (7.2%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Nova’s Nathan, Nat and Shaun (20.2%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 6PR’s Gareth Parker (9.7%)
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim and Joel (16.9%)
#1 AM Drive: 6PR’s Perth Live with Oliver Peterson (5.1%) and 6IX’s Mike Parry (5.1%)*

Biggest Mover Up: 96FM (+2.5)
Biggest Mover Down: ABC Perth (-1.1)

Perth Radio Ratings Survey 6 2022. Courtesy of GfK

Stations and shows marked with an asterisks [*] signal a change from the last survey.