Radio Ratings: Kyle and Jackie O Officially Take Sydney Crown

Kyle and Jackie O indicted into
Courtesy of CRA

Kyle and Jackie O are officially Sydney’s No. 1 breakfast radio show in terms of audience share.

The program has been top of the FM shows in Sydney for most of the past decade, however they have mostly come in second place overall to the AM 2GB breakfast show, previously helmed by Alan Jones and now hosted by Ben Fordham.

This most recent survey, however, has “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” on 14.9% share (up from 12.8% last survey), with “Ben Fordham Live” on 14.8% (down from 16.9%).

The stations themselves are also neck and neck, with 2GB narrowly holding onto its lead with an 11.6% share (down from 12.8%) compared to Kiis’ 11.3% (up from 9.5%).

“The Kyle and Jackie O Show” is easily the leader in Sydney in terms of its cumulative audience, boasting 818,000 compared to Fordham’s 455,000.

The duo behind the show, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie Henderson, were recently inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs).

The show also took home Best On-Air Team (Metro FM) and Best Networked Program (Metro). Sandilands was also awarded Best Entertainment Presenter (Metro) and his “Get Vaxxed Baby” campaign alongside ARN’s Derek Bargwanna, Matthew Petherick, Sam Vallins and Kian Oliver won Best Multimedia Execution – Station (Metro), while the “Kyle and Jackie O’s Set You Up For Life” initiative won Best Station Promotion (Metro).

All the results from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth for Survey 7 are below.


#1 FM Overall: Kiis 106.5 (11.3%)*
#1 AM Overall: 2GB (11.6%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Kiis’ Kyle and Jackie O (14.9%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 2GB’s Ben Fordham (14.8%)
#1 FM Drive: Kiis’ Will and Woody (10.6%)*
#1 AM Drive: ABC’s Richard Glover (9.3%)

Biggest Mover Up: Kiis 106.5 (+1.8)
Biggest Mover Down: 2GB (-1.2)

Sydney Radio Ratings Survey 7 2022. Courtesy of CRA


#1 FM Overall: Gold 104.3 (11.5%)
#1 AM Overall: 3AW (13.7%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Gold’s Christian O’Connell (10.3%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 3AW’s Ross and Russel (20.5%)
#1 FM Drive: Gold’s Dave ‘Higgo’ Higgins (11.2%)
#1 AM Drive: 3AW’s Tom Elliott (10.2%)

Biggest Mover Up: Magic 1278 and Triple J (+0.4)
Biggest Mover Down: Fox FM (-1.0)

Melbourne Radio Ratings Survey 7 2022. Courtesy of CRA


#1 FM Overall: B105 (13.2%)
#1 AM Overall: 4BH (8.4%)
#1 FM Breakfast: B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt (13.9%)*
#1 AM Breakfast: 4BC’s Laurel, Gary and Mark (10.8%)
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim and Joel (16.5%)
#1 AM Drive: 4BC’s Neil Breen (5.8%)*

Biggest Mover Up: ABC Brisbane (+1.7)
Biggest Mover Down: Kiis 97.3 (-1.1)

Brisbane Radio Ratings Survey 7 2022. Courtesy of CRA


#1 FM Overall: Mix 102.3 (11.5%)*
#1 AM Overall: FiveAA (10.3%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Triple M’s Roo, Ditts and Loz (10.8%)*
#1 AM Breakfast: FiveAA’s David Penberthy and Will Goodings (15.2%)
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim and Joel (12.2%)
#1 AM Drive: FiveAA’s Rowey and Timmy G (10.4%)*

Biggest Mover Up: Mix 102.3 (+0.9)
Biggest Mover Down: Cruise 1323 (-1.1)

Adelaide Radio Ratings Survey 7 2022. Courtesy of CRA


#1 FM Overall: Nova 93.7 (17.0%)
#1 AM Overal: 6PR (8.5%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Nova’s Nathan, Nat and Shaun (20.5%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 6PR’s Gareth Parker (11.2%)
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim and Joel (17.5%)
#1 AM Drive: 6PR’s Perth Live with Oliver Peterson (6.6%)

Biggest Mover Up: 6PR (+1.3)
Biggest Mover Down: ABC Perth (-1.1)

Perth Radio Ratings Survey 7 2022. Courtesy of CRA

Stations and shows marked with an asterisks [*] signal a change from the last survey.