Radio Ratings: All the Numbers From Survey 5

Abbie Chatfield sitting in the Hit
Courtesy of SCA

The latest round of radio ratings is out.

WSFM in Sydney suffered a significant 1.2 share point drop overall, taking it to a 7.5% share. The station in recent years has occasionally been able to topple or tie with its ARN stablemate Kiis 106.5. Its 1.2 share point drop, however, puts it well behind Kiis’ 10.1% in Sydney this survey.

Kiis’ Sydney breakfast show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” remained the FM leader on 12.5%. WSFM’s “Jonesy and Amanda” remained its closest FM competitor, despite being way back on 7.7%.

It was also a good book for Kiis 101.1 in Melbourne, with the station gaining 1.1 share points overall, taking it to 7.6%. Its breakfast show “Jase and Lauren” also benefitted from a sizeable bump of 1.6 share points, taking it to 8.1%.

In recent years, chief content officer of ARN, Duncan Campbell, has lamented the show’s ratings – often in the 5% to 6% range – as not truly reflective of the show’s potential and popularity.

The most notable changes in Brisbane, meanwhile, centred around the shake-up of 4KQ.

ARN sold the station to SEN after acquiring a majority of Grant Broadcasters’ stations.

4KQ’s popular breakfast show “Laurel, Gary and Mark” soon found a new home at Nine Radio’s 4BC. This survey partially covers the transition, and shows a bump of 1.4 points overall for 4BC, taking it to 7.7%. In the breakfast slot, it jumped 2.1 points to 10.1%.

Nationally, it was a mixed result for the drive shows.

Nova’s “Kate, Tim and Joel” were once again untouchable in Perth, up 0.5 to a 17.3% share. The show was also on top in Brisbane on 15.2%.

Kiis’ “Will and Woody” remained on top in Sydney, while Melbourne had Dave ‘Higgo’ Higgins from Gold 104.3 on top in terms of share.

“Carrie and Tommy” from the Hit Network’s SAFM were on top in Perth.

It was also a mixed bag for the Hit Network’s new national nights show “Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield”.

The show runs 7pm to 9pm weeknights.

In the evening slot (measured 7pm to 12am), Sydney’s 2Day FM was down 0.3 to 3.3%, from a lead-in of 5.6% in the drive slot.

Perth’s Mix 94.5 was similarly down, dropping 0.6 in the slot to a 6.7% share, with a 12.0% lead in from drive.

It was more positive news for the Hit Network and Chatfield in Melbourne, however, with the evening slot on Fox FM up 0.5 to 7.1%. The lead in drive slot was also up 0.5 to 10.4%.

In Brisbane, it jumped 1.6 to 6.7%. B105’s drive slot leading into it jumped 1.8 to 13.7%.

The most positive result for the show was at Adelaide’s SAFM. The drive slot prior to “Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield” jumped 0.4 to 12.9%, while the evening segment with the show was up 2.7 to 11.7%.


#1 FM Overall: Kiis 106.5 (10.1%)
#1 AM Overall: 2GB (13.6%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Kiis’ Kyle and Jackie O (12.5%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 2GB’s Ben Fordham (17.1%)
#1 FM Drive: Kiis’ Will and Woody (10.7%)
#1 AM Drive: 2GB’s Jim Wilson (8.5%)*

Biggest Mover Up: 2GB & 2UE (+0.7)
Biggest Mover Down: WSFM (-1.2)Sydney Radio Ratings Survey 5 2022

Sydney Radio Ratings Survey 5 2022.


#1 FM Overall: Gold 104.3 (11.8%)
#1 AM Overall: 3AW (14.5%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Gold’s Christian O’Connell (10.5%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 3AW’s Ross and Russel (17.6%)
#1 FM Drive: Gold’s Dave ‘Higgo’ Higgins (12.0%)
#1 AM Drive: 3AW’s Tom Elliott (12.2%)

Biggest Mover Up: Kiis 101.1 (+1.1)
Biggest Mover Down: 3AW (-1.2)

Melbourne Radio Ratings Survey 5 2022. Courtesy of GfK


#1 FM Overall: Nova 106.9 (13.0%)
#1 AM Overall: 4BC (7.7%)*
#1 FM Breakfast: Nova’s Ash, Luttsy and Susie O’Neill (14.4%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 4BC’s Laurel, Gary and Mark (10.1%)*
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel (15.2%)
#1 AM Drive: ABC Brisbane’s Steve Austin (5.6%)

Biggest Mover Up: 4BH (+3.3)
Biggest Mover Down: ABC Brisbane (-1.8)

Brisbane Radio Ratings Survey 5 2022. Courtesy of GfK


#1 FM Overall: Nova 91.9 (11.0%)*
#1 AM Overall: ABC Adelaide (11.7%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Nova 91.9’s Ben and Liam (10.8%)
#1 AM Breakfast: ABC Adelaide’s Stacey Lee & Nikolai Beilharz  (16.6%)
#1 FM Drive: SAFM’s Carrie and Tommy (12.9%)
#1 AM Drive: Cruise1323’s Mark Elliston (10.3%)*

Biggest Mover Up: FiveAA (+0.9)
Biggest Mover Down: ABC Adelaide (-1.9) Adelaide Radio Ratings Survey 5 2022

Adelaide Radio Ratings Survey 5 2022.


#1 FM Overall: Nova 93.7 (16.5%)
#1 AM Overal: 6PR (7.6%)*
#1 FM Breakfast: Nova’s Nathan, Nat and Shaun (20.0%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 6PR’s Gareth Parker (9.3%)*
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim and Joel (17.3%)
#1 AM Drive: 6PR’s Perth Live with Oliver Peterson (7.2%)*

Biggest Mover Up: 6IX (+1.3)
Biggest Mover Down: ABC Perth (-2.7)

Perth Radio Ratings Survey 5 2022. Courtesy of GfK

Stations and shows marked with an asterisks [*] signal a change from the last survey.