Jennie Sager Launches New Podcast ‘Where Kindness Lives’

Jennie Sager podcast
Courtesy of Nextdoor

Jennie Sager has a new podcast titled “Where Kindness Lives”, which will chat to prominent and popular Australians about what kindness means to them and how to drive positive change.

Sager is currently the managing director and face of Nextdoor, a neighbourhood network. Previously, she was the director of content partnerships for Twitter across the Asia Pacific and Japan, as well as a senior producer on “The Block” and an executive producer at MTV Networks.

“Where Kindness Lives” will aim to shine a light on the neighbours who selflessly deliver random acts of kindness which often go unheard.

In episode one, celebrity chef and creator of G’Day Neighbour, Jason Roberts, will share the lessons he’s learned from life in the celebrity spotlight and the key ingredient to connecting with neighbours which has changed his outlook on the future.

Hugh Mackay, psychologist and author of “The Kindness Revolution” will feature in episode two and explore how kindness is the foundation of a happy society. He also warns of the dangers of letting the lessons from the past two years slip.

Episode three has Katherine Newton from RUOK? explaining the power of listening and the value of being heard. She will detail a phone call which changed her life.

Meanwhile, in episode four, Original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, will talk about his near-death experience and the ongoing impact it’s having on others.

Sager said “Where Kindness Lives” should feel like chatting to a friendly neighbour over the fence or down the road.

“It is relaxed, informal, but informative. We are so excited to share the first episodes because our guests are so likeable and inspiring and they also give great, easy and actionable tips on how to look after yourself and your local community,” she said.

“My favourite part of the series is the reaction from our guests when they hear the small acts of kindness from neighbours across Australia, it’s what makes this podcast so unique.”