David Harbour Gets Naughty as Santa Claus in ‘Violent Night’ Trailer

David Harbour Gets Naughty Santa Claus

David Harbour is boosting his resume as a badass in the first trailer for “Violent Night,” a holiday thriller featuring the “Stranger Things” star as Santa Claus.

Under the direction of Norwegian filmmaker Tommy Wirkola, Harbour plays a grizzlier, more rueful version of Kris Kringle, who is anything but jolly in the trailer. On Christmas Eve, (Not-So) Saint Nick encounters a family being held hostage by a team of mercenaries and is forced to take matters into his own hands.

Harbour is joined by an ensemble that includes Cam Gigandet, Beverly D’Angelo and John Leguizamo. The script was penned by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, who previously wrote the first and second live-action “Sonic the Hedgehog” movies.

An exclusive screening of “Violent Night” will be shown to an audience at New York Comic Con on Oct. 7, almost two months before the film’s premiere. Harbour first teased the project at CinemaCon in April, where the actor spoke to a packed house at Caesar’s Palace.

“Who doesn’t love a great action movie, right?” Harbour asked the crowd of convention attendees per Syfy.  “How about Christmas movies? So, what about a movie that’s a great action movie and the greatest Christmas movie in one? ‘Die Hard.’ F***ing ‘Die Hard.’ Now what if… wait a minute, wait a minute. What if kickass director Tommy Wirkola and the badass producers at 87North, you know, the maniacs who did ‘Atomic Blonde’ and ‘John Wick’ and ‘Nobody’ and ‘Hobbs [&] Shaw,’ were behind it all? And, wait a minute, what if I starred in it as fucking Santa Claus?”

“Violent Night” hits theaters Dec. 2, kicking off the holiday season by spreading cheer and spilling blood. Watch full trailer below.

From Variety US