Everything Coming to Apple TV+ in September 2022

Apple TV+
Apple TV+

A heartwarming new comedy and a Vietnam biopic starring Zac Efron are some of the highlights coming to Apple TV+ in September.

It sounds like the streaming platform has a potentially heartwarming hit on its hands with “Life by Ella”, which premieres on September 2nd. The series follows the titular Ella as she returns to school with a fresh perspective and excitement for her future after a battle with cancer.

As the trailer shows, the character returns to school with a major “seize the day” outlook on life: “I’m done letting fear stop me from living,” she says before hurtling herself off a diving board and into a swimming pool at the beginning of the clip.

Despite her parent’s worries, Ella’s ready to tackle all the things she was too afraid to do before, with her best friend by her side. “Take a risk. Take a chance. Live your life,” as the trailer reminds viewers. If viewers are after some uplifting content in September, “Life by Ella” should have them covered.

From Kristen Stewart becoming an arthouse darling to Daniel Radcliffe starring as Weird ‘Al’ Yankovic, millennial teen stars seem to be making it their mission to have unexpected post-franchise careers recently.

Zac Efron has done likewise following his time in “High School Musical”, doing everything from portraying a notorious serial killer to making an Australian survival film. Next up for the 34-year-old is “The Greatest Beer Run Ever”, which arrives on Apple TV+ at the end of the month.

The biographical comedy-drama, based on the book of the same name, follows the true story of John “Chickie” Donohue, who left New York in 1968 to bring some much-needed beers – and a morale boost – to his childhood friends fighting in Vietnam.

The film’s being directed by Peter Farrelly who’s coming off the back of a surprising Oscar win for 2018’s “Green Book”. The director will be hoping that “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” strikes a similarly sentimental note with audiences in time for awards season.

See the full list of titles below:

September 2nd
“Life by Ella”

September 9th
“Central Park Blues” (Season 3)

September 30th
“The Greatest Beer Run Ever”