The 8 Best True Crime Documentaries to Watch Right Now

Night stalker true crime
Image credit: Netflix

Lovers of true crime will know, there’s nothing quite like a gripping doco to get your adrenaline pumping and your mind racing. 

From shocking murders to mysterious disappearances, these real-life stories offer a fascinating look into real-life mysteries, murders, drug crimes and scandals. With so much out there, we’ve rounded up the best true crime documentaries available to stream right now on all the major platforms. 

“Making a Murderer”

Watch on Netflix

Making a Murderer is a landmark true crime series that follows the story of Steven Avery, a man who was wrongfully convicted of a crime, exonerated, and then accused of murder. Its honest look into the complexities of the American justice system will leave you questioning everything. With its riveting twists and turns, it’s no wonder this series became a global sensation. 

“The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst”

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The Jinx delves into the bizarre and chilling life of real estate heir Robert Durst, who was linked to multiple murders, including his wife. This six-part series, directed by Andrew Jarecki, combines interviews, archival footage, and dramatic reenactments to unravel the mysteries surrounding Durst. The jaw-dropping finale will leave you speechless. 

“How to Make Money Selling Drugs” 

Watch on Stan 

This provocative documentary offers an eye-opening look at the drug trade, presented in a tongue-in-cheek instructional format that gives viewers ‘ten easy steps to make money from drugs’. Featuring interviews with former dealers, law enforcement, and celebrities like 50 Cent and Susan Sarandon, it’s a must-watch for those interested in the complexities of the war on drugs.

“The Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer”

Watch on Netflix

Another series that took the internet by storm when it was released in 2021. The Night Stalker chronicles the terrifying murders of serial killer Richard Ramirez, who went on a spree in Los Angeles in the 1980s. This documentary series goes inside the police gut-wrenching investigation and the horror inflicted on Ramirez’s victims. 

Paramount Plus

“Drinks, Crime and Prohibition”

Watch on Paramount+

When alcohol is banned, crime goes up. That’s what we learn in Drinks, Crime and Prohibition, which explores the turbulent era of the 1920s when America’s Prohibition laws led to the rise of organised crime. It’s a window into a pivotal time in American history.

“The Playboy Bunny Murder” (2022)

Watch on BritBox

A new addition to BritBox, The Playboy Bunny Murder follows journalist Marcel Theroux as he investigates a series of disturbing murders of young women that have remained unsolved since the 1970s. It gives a fresh perspective on complex cold cases.  


Watch on Amazon Prime

Lorena revisits the infamous case of Lorena Bobbitt, who became a media sensation in the 1990s after she cut off her husband’s penis. This four-part documentary series, produced by Jordan Peele, explores the deeper issues of domestic violence and the sensationalism of the media. It’s a thought-provoking and eye-opening watch.

“Murder on Middle Beach”

Watch on Apple TV

Murder on Middle Beach is a deeply personal investigation into the murder of Barbara Hamburg, directed by her son, Madison Hamburg. This four-part series reveals family secrets, strained relationships, and the quest for justice. It’s an emotional and unique true crime story. 

Catch these titles and more on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, Stan, Hayu, Britbox and Apple TV+ on Fetch from Telstra . Happy watching! 

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