Tim Minchin Reveals All on Variety Australia Podcast

Tim Minchin on the Variety Australia

In Partnership with JMC Academy

The latest episode of the Variety Australia Podcast features a conversation with a true polymath – composer, writer, singer, actor, and comedian Tim Minchin

In the live interview recorded at JMC Academy’s Sydney campus, a group of lucky students in Entertainment Business Management, Film & TV, Audio Engineering and Acting were invited to learn from and help produce the episode featuring Australian entertainment royalty. 

In the episode, Minchin explores the winding paths of his career, from his early days of piano bars and record label rejection to his groundbreaking work on the “Matilda” musical – a massively successful project he puts down to timing, collaboration, and a good dose of luck. 

“Around the turn of the century [in] 2000… I was writing a little bit for tiny money for a kids’ theatre company called Barking Echo,” he begins the story. “I can’t remember why, but it got into my head that ‘Matilda’ would make a good musical.” 

So, Minchin sent an email to the people holding the rights to “Matilda”, asking if he could turn it into a musical. Despite their interest, it wasn’t the right time, and Minchin let it go. That is, until eight years later, when he got a call from Tony Award winner, Matthew Warchus, from the Royal Shakespeare Company, asking him to collaborate on a “Matilda” musical. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

The episode dives into Minchin’s best advice for young creatives, like chasing challenges over paychecks and finding the right people to collaborate with. 

He shares his experiences of working with like-minded individuals, including Warchus on “Matilda”, and the delicate balance of maintaining artistic integrity while being open to others’ contributions. 

“I think my favourite things are collective creativity, which is interesting ’cause I’m quite controlling,” he says. “But working with Dennis and Matthew or Danny and Matthew on the two musicals, those early days of going, this story can be anything – what is it? – that is joyous.” 

Minchin leaves the JMC student audience with a poignant reflection on the importance of diverse storytelling. He underscores the need for stories that reflect a broad spectrum of human experiences, highlighting the real power of empathy in art. 

The episode is the third instalment in Variety Australia’s Podcast series with JMC Academy. The partnership highlights the excellent facilities, education and opportunities given to aspiring creatives at JMC Academy – with students not only invited to listen and learn from some of Australia’s biggest entertainment personalities, but also participate in the recording and production of each episode.

Keen to learn more? Applications are now open for students keen to take their education to the next level in 2024. 

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