Barking Gecko Theatre Is Planning Its First Family Fun Day

Barking Gecko Theatre family fun day

In a first for Barking Gecko Theatre the company will hold a Family Fun Day on Sunday, February 18th, in the breathtaking surrounds of the Swan River on Perth’s Elizabeth Quay. 

“It’s a fun day to raise awareness around Barking Gecko, welcome new families, and celebrate 35 years of Barking Gecko Theatre,” explains Barking Gecko Partnerships Manager, Adina Rabbone.

Presented in partnership with the City of Perth and the Elizabeth Quay, the Family Fun Day promises to be a memorable experience for families and young ones alike, not only because it will be fun but because it will be so highly interactive. Families are encouraged to register online for their children to explore the mysteries of what’s known as The Great Gecko Trail.

“Each of the children will be given a passport which takes them on a scavenger hunt style trail around Elizabeth Quay,” Rabbone says. “Around the Quay there will  be six stations with each of the points dedicated to one of our theatre productions, the children will learn about when they look for clues, answer the questions and take part in activities. They’ll get stamps along the way, enjoy a free ride on the Elizabeth Quay Carousel, and go into the draw to win prizes.

“It’s about interacting as families – adults with their children – engaging the whole family in a fun way.”

The Perth Mint is creating an awe-inspiring Wishing Well concept themed around a Box of Wonders, referencing one of Barking Gecko’s previous productions, The Great Un-Wondering of Wilbur Whittaker. Children will also have the opportunity to participate in different activities at each of the stations. 

As well as promoting family connection, the event will preview Barking Gecko’s 2024 theatre production and programs. 

“Of interest to most people will be the school holiday workshops that the Creative Learning team provide each school holidays.” Rabbone says, “and this is a chance to give the families a taste of what we do performance and program wise in an open setting.” 

For Barking Gecko Theatre, the Family Fun Day is an opportunity to connect with the community, thank their many supporters, welcome new people into the Gecko family and share a little of the magic the company has been creating for the last 35 years. 

“I really hope everyone will take away a little bit of Barking Gecko Theatre with them,” Rabbone says. “We’re excited to be celebrating our 35th Anniversary in 2024 and look forward to the next 35.”

Register for Barking Gecko Theatre’s Family Fun Day at