‘The Fall Guy’ Director Talks Stunts, Sydney and Sequels: ‘We Want to Make 5 of These’

‘The Fall Guy’ Director Talks Stunts,

“The Fall Guy”, with all its bangs, crashes, comedy and tender moments, isn’t so much a tall story.

Director David Leitch spent a chunk of his adult life dodging and throwing hands for the cameras, rolling from wreckage and, yes, playing that fall guy.

Speaking with The Brag Media editor-in-chief Poppy Reid for ‘The Variety Podcast’, Leitch and producer Kelly McCormick explained their underlying mission for “The Fall Guy” and other films from their 87North production house – to make movies that you need to see on the big screen, films with a “beating heart.”

“The Fall Guy” is no exception, and Leitch, who helmed “Bullet Train” and “Deadpool 2”, leaned on his experience as a stunt double for Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and many other A-listers.

A former elementary school teacher in the United States with martial arts expertise, Leitch fell into stunt work like so many other athletes at the crossroads.

Now, he’s making movies with his partner in work and life McCormick — explosive films — using that intimate knowledge of the rough and tumble.

It’s a mysterious craft, misunderstood, overlooked. The creative pair are advocating for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognise the work of the unknown stuntmen and women with an Oscar category.

We always set out to make the same movie,” explains McCormick.

“And I think the only way we pick a movie is if we’re making the same movie. We’re all fighting for the same goal.”

Filmed in Sydney and based on Lee Majors’ hit TV series from the 1980s, “The Fall Guy” is a “love letter to stunts, and it’s also a love letter to Sydney,” says McCormick.

Gosling, as Colt, plays the “fish out of water” stunt guy on location, to Emily Blunt’s director Jody, in this blend of action, comedy and romance, with fully-drawn characters in its guts.

Sydney’s coffee, beaches, sunshine and abundant well of cast and crew was part of the magic. A “nice tax break” helped get the project over the line, McCormick confirms.

Making a movie is hard. “It’s really a battle,” explains Leitch. “Whether you’re just a producer, producing the movie, or a director, directing the movie, it is a battle. But when you’re on the same side and you have the same goals, and you can support the same goals, it’s really special.”

To have “somebody that has your back and that you can really be achieving the goal of making this movie together. Most people don’t have that.”

Are there more “Fall Guys” to come? Buy a ticket and there’s a strong chance.

“There could totally be one,” says Leitch. “If the audience wants it, we’re all down for it. Everyone had such a great experience. Ryan and Emily want to come back, we would love to come back. We want to make five of these things. It was one of the best film experiences we’ve ever had. Let’s do it.”

“The Fall Guy” will be in Australian cinemas from 24th of April.