Movie Night 101: 6 Tips for the Best Movie Night Ever

Saltburn movie night
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As it starts to get cooler, there’s no better way to get the crew together than with a movie night. Think snuggly blankets, bowls of popcorn, and the perfect combo of friends and flicks. We’ve partnered with the experts in movie nights, JB Hi-Fi to give you six tips on hosting a blockbuster evening. Dim the lights! 

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Choose the Right Movie 

This might seem obvious, but you need the right movie for a movie night. Going retro is always a winner: look at a classic from your childhood or a beloved comedy for guaranteed great vibes. Otherwise, if everyone in your group is a fan of a certain franchise, do a marathon. 

Unless you’re assured that everyone in your group will stay perfectly silent at all times (would you even want that?!), don’t pick a really complex thriller because you don’t want to be pausing or rewinding constantly. A weepy drama might be the right vibe for you and your girlfriends, or a horror can be the perfect pick if the audience is right.

Think about who you’re bringing along, what you want people to feel, what the environment will be, and let that inform your movie choice. 

Create a Comfortable Setting

Now that our movie is chosen, it’s time to think about the setting. Make sure you’ve got plenty of seating for everyone: think cushions, bean bags, blankets. Whatever you need to keep everyone comfy!

Technology can really help here, too. You want people to be able to settle in and enjoy the experience, so dimmable lighting or some nice fairy lights will really help set a vibe.

Sound is also super important as you want people to feel absorbed into the movie they’re watching. JB Hi-Fi has a great collection of soundbars to give you the full immersive experience as well as any other tech you might need for the perfect movie night.

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Tech Check 

There’s nothing worse than everyone awkwardly standing by as you try to get the TV, soundbar, DVD player, Xbox, or whatever you’re using working on movie night! If this is new tech, make sure you have a dry run the night before. Even if it’s not, maybe just switch everything on before people arrive so you feel comfortable with it. 

Great tech will make your movie night even more fun and JB Hi-Fi has got all the top-brand soundbars you need to experience immersive audio. Plus, it’s your one-stop shop for all things tech to make your movie night a blockbuster one, so make sure you pop in beforehand and check you’re working with the right equipment. 

Snack Time! 

There is no movie night without snacks. There just isn’t. Preparing snacks for a movie night involves considering a number of different things. Firstly, check your dietaries – you don’t want to forge ahead with a BBQ if you’ve got a group of vegetarians coming!

You’ll need to balance sweet and savoury, consider the time, and bring in something more substantial if you’re getting people together over dinner time. Don’t plan anything that won’t handle being out of the fridge for too long, and be careful with anything really messy. The lights will be out, people will be getting comfy, and if you’re cleaning chocolate off your couch for the next few months you’ll only have yourself to blame! 

One last tip: if you’re putting on a franchise night or a themed night, match the food! You don’t need to go wild with this one, but get on Pinterest and have some fun with it. 

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Get Interactive

First, a caveat. Some people want to watch a movie and do just that. If you and your friends have that vibe, then you can move right along here and enjoy your cinematic experience in silence. But if you guys are looking for a more interactive event, you can plan some fun games to support the movie!

Do some research and create a trivia sheet, make up a bingo card, or if you’re really dedicated, create a discussion list for you all to work through after the movie. Little games like these can take a regular movie night up a gear, and they’re great for helping people engage with the content and making a movie you may have seen 100 times feel fresh again. 

Theme It! 

By now, you’ve decided if you’re having a quiet little movie night with friends or if you’re hosting a whole event. If it’s the latter, you’ve got no choice at this point but to have a theme. 

As well as letting it inform your snacks and drinks bar, a theme can also be carried through the night with the invitations, decorations, and costumes. If you’re going for Lord of the Rings, have everyone come as their favourite character. If you’re watching classic ’80s movies, get everyone into ’80s gear. 

Having a theme for your evening will get the night started on a high and make it really easy for everyone to know exactly what to expect from the event. So get crafty, grab the glue gun, and turn your living room into Shrek’s swamp for the night! 

No matter what kind of movie night you’re preparing, JB Hi-Fi has everything you need to make it a hit. Check out their range of top-brand soundbars here and make JB Hi-Fi your one-stop shop for everything you need to host a blockbuster movie night.