“Thank God You’re Here” will be revived and hit screens on Network 10 on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

The Working Dog Productions show first aired on the same network in 2006. The first three seasons were on 10, while the Seven Network picked up Season 4 in 2009.

The show was previously judged by Tom Gleisner, who now fronts the Logie-winning “Have You Been Paying Attention?”, and hosted by Shane Bourne.

Season 5, which begins airing on Wednesday, will be hosted by Celia Pacquola.

Network 10 has now revealed the performers who will be thrust into the unknown in Season 5, Episode 1: Urzila Carlson, Aaron Chen, Julia Zemiro and Mark Bonanno.

“Expect lots of un-hinge-d comedy as these star performers step through the blue door, and keep your eyes peeled for the week’s legendary guest judge,” publicity for the show said.

“One small step for a comedian will be one giant leap in television history.”

In the show’s previous iteration, actor Angus Sampson, who now stars in “Bump”, made the most appearances. He was on 11 times, boasting three wins. Hamish Blake, meanwhile, also clocked up three wins off the back of 10 appearances, and actor Josh Lawson won the same amount from nine attempts. Zemiro was also on the old version of “Thank God You’re Here”, appearing eight times with two wins. Rebel Wilson was on the show four times.