‘Bump’ is Coming Back for Another Season

Bump Season 4
Courtesy of Stan

Stan has commissioned local comedy drama “Bump” for a fourth season.

“Bump” Season 4 will start two years on from where Season 3 left off, with Oly (Nathalie Morris) and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr) now trying to stabilise their family unit with their challenging seven-year-old, Jacinda.

Oly’s parents Dom (Angus Sampson) and Angie (Claudia Karvan) also return, as does Vince (Ioane Sa’ula), Talia (Henrietta Amevor), Ariel (Matilda Ridgway), Rosa (Paula Garcia) and Reema (Safia Arain).

Season 4 will also introduce new cast members Steph Tisdell and elite athlere and former Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott.

Production is currently underway in Sydney, and Stan has not yet revealed its release date.

The series first premiered on Stan on Jan. 1 in 2021 and broke all previous viewing records for the service.

Stan subsequently ordered two more seasons of the show from Roadshow Rough Diamond.

Karvan, who was also the series’ co-creator and producer, said if the team had known there would be three seasons from the get-go, it may have changed their approach to storytelling.

“We may have been tempted to build in a story engine which it doesn’t really naturally have,” Karvan said at last year’s Screen Forever conference.

“And certainly when we came around to the second series, we’re not manipulative and going ‘Let’s have another baby’, or ‘Let’s have a death’, or ‘Let’s try and keep up to speed with series one’. We just had to bed down with those characters and trust that we’ve got a loyal audience.”

She added: “That was really exciting to have series two and series three commissioned at the same time. That was a gift.”