An Australian version of the U.K. format “Taskmaster” will hit local screens on Feb. 2.

The Australian “Taskmaster” will be hosted by comedian Tom Gleeson alongside Tom Cashman.

The program will set a series of tasks for local comedians Julia Morris, Luke McGregor, Jimmy Rees, Nina Oyama and Danielle Walker, which broadcaster Network 10 said would each be “more mind-bending and head-scratching” than the last.

“‘Taskmaster’ rewards innovation, berates incompetence and doles out a laugh a minute,” Network 10 added.

Internationally, the format has been sold to 12 countries, with over 300 episodes produced outside the U.K. It was also given life to a YouTube channel, an app and a board game.

The Australian version of “Taskmaster” will screen on Channel 10 and online platform 10Play at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 2.

The network also offered a first-look at the program.

Network 10 has had mixed results with introducing new formats over the past year.

“Hunted” became the highest-rating new format on Australian screens in 2022, offering the network hope in the ratings battle and in the increasingly competitive content landscape up against the streamers.

Other formats, however, such as “The Real Love Boat Australia”, “The Challenge Australia” and “The Traitors” delivered disappointing ratings, giving the network a soft end to the ratings year.