Rebel Wilson has launched a new “no boxes”, “no categories”, “no labels” dating app, known as “Fluid”.

The actress, producer and director said she had created the app with friends to help people explore their chemistry and connection with people, free from gender and sexual orientation categories and labels.

“It’s called “Fluid” and it basically was borne out of my experience of – I kind of do wish I’d maybe explored my sexuality earlier, and for whatever reason, I didn’t like on dating apps where you had to tick a box and say, you know like on Raya, like you have to tick ‘Are you interested in men?’ or ‘Are you interested in women?’ and things like that,” she told the “Life Uncut” podcast.

“I was reading this study that came out in 2020 and it said 48% of Gen Zs consider themselves sexually fluid. And I was like ‘Gosh, that’s so many people’, because sexuality is more complex than saying, you know with all these terms like pansexual and bisexual, and there’s so many different categories, and I was like, ‘Well what if there was a dating app where you don’t have to categorise yourself and you don’t have to categorise what you’re interested in?'”

Wilson said the algorithm driving “Fluid” will instead work out “who you’re vibing with” as well as those sharing mutual interests and show you more of those people.

“You don’t have to say ‘I’m straight’ or ‘I’m gay’, because you’re just there to find a match and you don’t know who that is.”

Wilson said the app will likely resonate with younger people, who are increasingly sexually fluid, as well as women who are looking to explore things outside of heteronormative boundaries.

“What if you were like me where you were straight-ish? And apparently a lot of women, some people say up to 80% of women might have bisexual tendencies, some studies say that. That’s a lot,” she said.

Wilson said her own experiences of entering a same-sex relationship after decades of dating men, had inspired her to pursue the business venture.

“I just thought, the other dating apps I think are a bit outdated then that you have to kind of tick a box and label yourself. And I just thought, ‘Well it would be super cool if I’d had something like that available to me. I would have used it,” she said.

“Why I created “Fluid” was it’s just a very safe, very inclusive space where you don’t have to categorise yourself, so there can’t be any judgements ’cause, just because you’re on there, you could be 100% straight on there. And so there’s no judgements to it or anything.”

Wilson also spoke to “Life Uncut” hosts Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley about her experience with the Australian media putting pressure on her to “reveal” her sexuality and same-sex relationship, describing it as “grubby” and noting it was another instance of the local media being “nasty” to her.