Tim Minchin will be the focus of Monday night’s “Australian Story” episode on the ABC.

The comedian, musician, composer and actor will appear on the episode alongside his wife, Sarah, as they reflect on the challenges that fame and adulation presented to their life and relationship.

It will look back on the time when Minchin was going to throw away his entertainment career and get a “real job” because he was omly putting on poorly attended cabaret shows in tiny clubs. Then there was the do-or-die show at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival which became unexpected hit.

He has since experienced the fame, fortune and adulation he had dreamed of – but in the “Australian Story” episode he notes the trappings that come with it.

“It’s all about me, me, me, me me,” he said. “The audience is laughing at me and they love me and it screws with your ego. This is what makes stars into wankers – you can’t help it.”

Sarah also explores the pitfalls.

“Learning to manage jealousy is kind of interesting when you’ve got a partner who has had some interest over the years. But I knew there was going to be no changing that,” she said.

The episode will also detail the Minchins’ return to Australia, and the crossroads Tim finds himself at as the world changes around him and his satire.

“I am a straight white dude with a huge microphone speaking in a time that is at the end of hundreds of years of straight white dudes with microphones imposing their unchecked privilege,” he said.

“So, it is not so bad that people like me feel we need to shut the fuck up for a bit.”

The episode will be introduced by actor Toby Schmitz and was produced by Kristine Taylor and Greg Hassall.

It will air on ABC TV and ABC iview on Monday, Nov. 7 at 8 p.m.