ABC Launches ‘Soundtrack To Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse’ Series

Soundtrack To Our Zombie Teenage Apocalypse
Courtesy of ABC

“Soundtrack To Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse” is a new series from the ABC, focused on music, youth and, well, zombies.

The series tracks four fictional music-obsessed teens who are on a mission to win Triple J Unearthed High, but get stuck in a zombie-infested ABC building.

They survive on vending machine snacks while they focus their energies on finishing their make-or-break song.

The ABC said the 10-episode series is underscored by music from Australia’s hottest bands, with tunes from Ruby Fields, Caroline and Claude, The Rions, HYG, Teenage Joans, Beddy Rays, Smol Fish, Fritz Maia and Vacation Club.

It also noted the complex themes and ideas which will emerge from the show.

“‘Soundtrack To Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse’ unpacks the experience of COVID lockdown and the conflicting, challenging emotions many have felt over the last few years,” the national broadcaster said.

“This is a story about complex friendships, resilience, and empowerment through creativity during uncertain times, mixed with the thrills and chills of a zombie classic.”

The first five episodes of the series are available now. Courtesy of ABC

The four teens in question are played by Mina-Siale, Nick Annas, Ruby Archer and Isaiah Galloway.

The series is an ABC Original production, created and developed by executive producer Mary-Ellen Mullane, with Lyndal Mebberson of the ABC Children’s Department on board as supervising producer.

Imogen McCluskey directed the series.

“Soundtrack To Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse” launched this week. It goes to air on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. on ABC Me, but the first five episodes are already available on ABC iView. The remaining five episodes will hit the platform at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 22.