Binge has announced its first original Lifestyle series, “Selling in the City”.

It will premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 19, with the platform dropping the first three episodes at once. The series will run for eight one-hour episodes and is produced by Warner Bros International Television Productions.

The show is fronted by designer Rosie Morley and landscape artist Paddy Milne who will ue their skills to “[help] young Millennials maximise the value of their property to achieve their dream of climbing the property ladder”.

Alison Hurbert-Burns, Binge’s executive director, was full of praise for the new show.

“‘Selling in the City’ builds on our slate of the most popular reality and property shows, with a distinctively fresh take focusing on some of Australia’s most popular inner-city suburbs,” she said.

“Now more than ever, Australian homeowners are looking to add value to their property and understand what potential buyers really want – and this is the series that will help them.

“What I love about this show is how our hosts and expert designers, Rosie and Paddy, immerse themselves in the surrounding neighbourhoods, the history and culture, to better understand what potential buyers are looking for.

“We see this inspiration come through in the cutting-edge redesigns and innovative restorations and clever use of spaces that aim to drive the property’s value.”

Morley explained the show’s process.

“I have loved the experience of learning about these neighbourhoods and creating contextually relevant outcomes, all with the aim of delivering a sense of elevated design and planning efficiency,” she said.

“Ultimately it’s about unlocking the potential of these compact homes through strategic design decisions.”

Milne added: “Creating beautiful gardens and functional outdoor spaces is a passion, I have also really enjoyed finding out about the people and the area and drawing design inspiration from each of the communities.”