A comedic twist on “Romeo & Juliet” and the latest season of “The Simpsons” are among the highlights on Disney+ this October.

Arriving on October 14th, “Rosaline” is a fresh take on Shakespeare’s classic love story “Romeo & Juliet”. The story is told from the perspective of Juliet’s cousin Rosaline, who just so happens to be a former love interest of Romeo’s.

When Romeo begins to pursue Juliet, Rosaline jealously schemes to foil the most famous romance of all time and win back her man. “Booksmart” star Kaitlyn Dever leads a strong cast that also contains Minnie Driver and Bradley Whitford, while the film is penned by “500 Days of Summer” co-writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber.

On October 14th, the 34th season of “The Simpsons” comes to Disney+. Over three decades into its iconic run, the beloved animation series is still somehow finding new ground to tread, with the premiere tackling political territory, while Waylon Smithers recently finally got a gay romance storyline.

See the full list of titles below:

October 3rd
“A Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar Special”

October 5th
“Shipwreck Hunters Australia”
“Hamster & Gretel” (Season 1)
“The Incredible Dr. Pol” (Seasons 18-19)
“King of the Hill” (Seasons 1-13)
“Motherland: Fort Salem” (Seasons 2-3)
“MotoGP Unlimited” (Season 1)
“The Captain” (Season 1)
“Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog” (Season 1)
“Camo Sharks”
“Counting Jaws”
“Explorer: The Deepest Cave”
“Pink Lie” (Season 1)
“Kral Sakir – Geri Donusum” (Season 1)

October 7th
“Werewolf by Night”

October 10th

October 12th
“Big Shot” (Season 2 – Premiere)
“Everything’s Trash” (Season 1)
“Mormon No More” (Season 1)
“The Simpsons” (Season 34)
“Broken Karaoke” (Season 2)
“Primal Survivor: Mighty Mekong” (Season 1)

October 14th
“Into the Woods” (Sing-Along Version)

October 17th
“The Paloni Show! Halloween Special!”

October 19th
“Grey’s Anatomy” (Season 19)
“Children of the Underground” (Season 1)
“Les Amateurs” (Season 1)
“Station 19” (Season 6)
“The Good Doctor” (Seasons 1-4)
“Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog” (Season 2)
“Wild Crime” (Season 1)
“Bear in the Big Blue House” (Seasons 1-4)
“PB&J Otter” (Seasons 1-3)
“The Spectacular Spider-Man” (Season 1)

October 21st

October 26th
“Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi”
“The Mysterious Benedict Society” (Season 2 – Premiere)
“Big Sky” (Season 3)
“Chefs Vs Wild” (Season 1)
“Boris” (Seasons 1-4)
“El Encargado” (Season 1)
“Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t” (Season 1)
“Shadow Detective”
“Hitler’s Last Stand”