‘Alone Australia’ to be Filmed in the Tasmanian Wilderness

Alone Australia
Courtesy of SBS

The Tasmanian wilderness will play host to Season 1 of “Alone Australia”, broadcaster SBS has revealed.

The series will drop 10 Australians into the Tasmanian wilderness where they will battle solo against nature, hunger and loneliness in a bid to win $250,000.

Contestants participate in the program with no camera crew, no devices and no assistance, documenting their own daily struggles and achievements.

SBS said international versions of the program make it the most successful factual franchise in the history of SBS On Demand, and one of the most successful factual franchises worldwide.

Adam Sadler, SBS’ director of media sales, told media he couldn’t disclose the budget for the series, but did note “It would be one of our most significant investments to date”.

The series began recruiting contestants in February alongside production company ITV Studios Australua.

At the time, SBS said: “The program will feature the most diverse cast of self-reliance experts yet as they brace the elements and fight to stay alive on their own terms, with nothing but what they carry on their backs.”

SBS made the announcement about the location for “Alone Australia” as part of its 2023 Upfronts presentation, in which it flagged its growing content slate.

“In 2023, we’ll have the most comprehensive content slate that we’ve ever seen at SBS and we’ll be launching it off the back of the single largest sporting event in the world, the FIFA World Cup, which will launch Nov. 21, which also leads next year to the single largest annual sporting event in the world, which is the Tour de France,” Sadler told media ahead of the event.