Glenn Robbins and Dave O’Neil Join ARN’s Sunday Line-Up

Glenn Robbins and Dave O'Neil's podcast
Courtesy of ARN

Glenn Robbins and Dave O’Neil will soon be heard across a range of ARN’s stations on Sundays.

The duo’s podcast “Somehow Related” is already with ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network, and will now be played on radio as part of the company’s Podcast to Broadcast strategy. The radio version will adapt the best bits from the top podcast episodes.

ARN will play the radio version of “Somehow Related” on a mix of its Kiis and Gold Network stations – WSFM in Sydney, Gold 104.3 in Melbourne, Mix 102.3 in Adelaide, Kiis 97.3 in Brisbane and 96FM in Perth.

The podcast is produced by Nearly Media. It features Robbins and O’Neil taking two seemingly unrelated topics – such as Elvis and vaccines or space and steak – and working out how the two are actually ‘somehow related’.

Robbins said: “Dave O’Neil and I are very excited to bring our podcast “Somehow Related” to ARN’s Sunday line-up. Sure, they’ve already got Simon and Garfunkel or Lennon and McCartney, but now they have the classic duo of Robbins and O’Neil. Think of it like a “Bridge Over Troubled Water” with dad jokes, or “Let It Be” with Comedy Company anecdotes.”

O’Neil added: “I’m so excited to be bringing our little “Somehow Related” show to the listeners of ARN’s Sunday night line-up. They’re going to have so many laughs and learn some stuff. For example, did you know that Glenn Robbins was once mistaken for a resident at an aged-care facility? Oh, and heaps of stuff about music, history and Australia. Also, did you also know Glenn Robbins appeared in the TV show “Prisoner” and was shot by an escaping prisoner? There’s more of these amazing facts.”

This is the third ARN show to be given radio air-time as part of its Podcast to Broadcast strategy. “Life Uncut” and “She’s on the Money” are currently on the Kiis Network on Saturdays.

“Somehow Related” will kick off on WSFM, Gold 104.3, Mix 102.3, Kiis 97.3 and 96FM at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 9.