Clementine Ford and Peter Helliar Sign With New Podcast Networks (Podcast News Roundup)

Clementine Ford's podcast Dear Clementine
Courtesy of Nova Entertainment Podcast Network

In today’s podcast news round up, commentator Clementine Ford and comedians Peter Helliar and Nikki Osborne all have new podcast deals, while SCA’s Listnr has further pushed into fiction podcasts. 


Clementine Ford has signed on to do a podcast with the Nova Entertainment Podcast Network.

The best-selling author of “Fight Like A Girl”, “Boys Will Be Boys” and “How We Love: Notes on a Life” will present “Dear Clementine“, which will answer listeners’ burning questions with tough love and much-needed advice.

Nova said the podcast will tackle everything from sex and relationships to tricky work dilemmas and everything in between.

Ford said she is thrilled to be joining Nova Podcasts.

“I’m a straight shooter, but I’m also warm, funny and kind and I’m excited to bring this side of me to a whole new audience,” she said.

“‘Dear Clementine’ is for everyone who finds themselves in need of the no-nonsense advice you’d get from a big sister served with the love you get from your mum.”

Listeners can send their questions to New episodes will come out each Thursday.

Podspot, meanwhile, has signed comedian Nikki Osborne who promises to “pick at the scab that is political correctness” on “Too Far with Nikki Osborne”.

“Comedian Nikki Osborne welcomes other comedians, actors, politicians, writers, authors and people from all walks of life to Podspot studios to chat about political correctness, woke-ness and cancel culture,” publicity for the podcast said.

Osborne said the podcast will give comedians the opportunity to unload their roughest material.

“Every comedian has that ‘choke on your cornflakes’ joke. We’ll reflect on when they worked and when they caused cancellation. At least you’ll get to hear them,” she said.

CEO of Podspot, Dave Matthews, added: “This is the comedy podcast that picks at the scab that is political correctness, so we needed a host that could do just that. No one is better at picking that scab than Nikki Osborne.

“The world is so scared to laugh these days, we need to laugh and we need to have a space where we can laugh at ourselves.

“Nikki is literally putting her body on the line for this podcast with the coinciding launch of her OnlyFans, in which she has raised over $25,000 for koala rescue.”

Over at SCA’s Listnr, Zoe Foster-Blake’s book “The Younger Man” has been turned into an audio rom-com podcast series.

The Listnr exclusive uses a cast of Australian actors to bring the story to life with a few new twists.

‘The Younger Man’ is only available on the Listnr platform. Courtesy of Listnr

It was developed in partnership with film and TV executive Bob Campbell and Bryden Media, and will be the first of four of Listnr’s audio fiction series.

Jen Goggin, head of content for original podcasts at Listnr, said: “The process of using our production team’s skills to adapt and create a unique audio-first approach to “The Younger Man” story has been a dynamic, creative and exciting experience, and the result is a fun, compelling and immersive piece of audio-entertainment.”


Peter Helliar’s You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” podcast is now aligned with ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia.

The podcast features Helliar chatting to celebrity movie lovers about classics and beloved films they haven’t quite got around to seeing, until now.

Peter Helliar’s comedy podcast has a new home. Courtest of iHeartPodcast Network

Previous episodes feature Kiis FM host Kate Langbroek experiencing “Fight Club” for the first time, “The Project” co-host Waleed Aly watching “Star Wars” and comedian Wendy Harmer seeing “The Karate Kid”.

Helliar said the podcast had thus far been a labour of love.

“I have had a lifelong love affair with movies despite significant gaps in my filmography,” he said. “To experience films for the first time such as “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid”, “Gone With The Wind” and “Beetlejuice” with mates has been such a thrill.

“I’m stoked the team at ARN have taken this podcast into their movie-loving hearts. I can’t wait to continue this adventure with them.”

Corey Layton, ARN’s head of digital audio, added: “iHeartPodcast Network is committed to delivering the best content in every genre, and we are thrilled to add “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” to our comedy slate. Pete is one of the country’s most loved comedians and brings his trademark humour, not to mention a huge line-up of celebrity guests, to this hilarious movie podcast.”