Prime Video Drops Trailer for ‘Memory’ Ahead of Oct. 7 Release

Liam Neeson and Guy Pearce in
Courtesy of Rico Torres | Open Road Films & Briarcliff Entertainment

“Memory” will drop on Prime Video on Oct. 7, with the streaming giant releasing a trailer ahead of its release.

The film comes from acclaimed director Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale” and “The Mask of Zorro”) and Prime Video said it was an intense action-drama about retribution, fury and redemption.

It tells the story of hired assassin Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson) who is at a turning point. His memory is faltering ahead of his imminent retirement, and he is given one final assignment.

The job leads him to Vincent Serra (Guy Pearce), who is leading an FBI sting operation.

Neeson and Pearce on set together. Courtesy of Rico Torres | Open Road Films & Briarcliff Entertainment

“When Alex finds a trail of abuse leading from a child prostitution ring south of the border to a wealth influential El Paso real estate magnate (Monica Bellucci) and her son (Josh Taylor), Alex secretly guides Serra’s FBI team in the right direction,” the Prime Video synopsis said.

“Though his inability to remember details is putting him in ever greater danger, Alex uses the skills he’s honed from a lifetime in the shadows to force ugliness into the light—but he has to do it before powerful forces destroy Alex and erase Serra’s mission to get at the truth.”