“Bosch and Rockit”, the award-winning Australian film shot in Byron Bay, will be released nationally on Aug. 18.

The film stars Luke Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas as well as introducing rising professional surfing star Rasmus King.

It is based on the life of Tyler Atkins, who directed, co-produced and co-wrote the film.

It is set in the late 1990s as Rockit (King) believes he is hitting the road for a magical holiday with his father Bosch (Hemsworth). Instead, Bosch is in a hurry to avoid a run in with the law, but he can only outrun reality for so long.

Atkins said “Bosch and Rockit” is an evocative, poetic drama that explores forgiveness, human connection, self-understanding, the depths of struggle and the powerful life-affirming effect of love.

‘Bosch and Rockit’ will be released nationally in August Courtesy of Madman Films

“Based on a true story, I set out to design a feature film that quenches the thirst for meaningful cinema and illuminates the desperate need for humanity to re-examine and understand love,” he said.

“‘Bosch and Rockit’ explores the concept of chasing happiness by diving into the upbringing of a teenage boy, our protagonist Rockit.

“I chose to tell the story through Rockit’s eyes because I believe this perspective adds power to a story that explores the concept of parenting versus the reality of being a kid in today’s society.”

Atkins said his aim with the film was to uplift, motivate and inspire audiences to forgive others and themselves.

“I believe that love has the ability to change lives and my hope is that ‘Bosch and Rockit’ will become one of the great love stories on screen, one of the memorable films about understanding love through forgiveness – relevant today, but also withstanding the test of time.”

The film was shot throughout the pandemic and had its premiere at the Sydney Film Festival last year.

It has since screened at the Gold Coast Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Award for Best Picture at the Mammoth Film Festival.