The Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials to Put on Your Radar

The Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials Put
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When was the last time you laughed? Like, really laughed? A full belly shaking, eyeballs tearing, snorting laugh. Sometimes, it’s all we need to brighten our day. 

What better way to have a laugh than with some top-notch stand-up comedy? Whether you’re into sharp social commentary, hilarious personal anecdotes, or just plain silliness, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the best stand-up comedy specials you need to add to your watch list right now. 

“Allie Wong: Don Wong”

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Ali Wong is known for her unapologetic take on motherhood, marriage and career. In her 2022 Netflix special, Don Wong, Wong brings her signature sharp wit to the themes of sex, power, and ambition. She covers everything from modern relationships to personal aspirations, making this special raw, hilarious and one of her best. 

“Patrice O’Neal: Elephant in the Room”

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Patrice O’Neal was known for his supporting role on The Office, among other guest appearances, before sadly passing away in 2011. His only hour-long standup special,   Elephant in the Room, remains a favourite in the world of stand-up comedy. O’Neal’s commanding stage presence and brutally honest takes on relationships, race, and societal norms make this special a must-watch. 

“Ricky Gervais: Humanity”

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When you think of a Netflix comedy, you think of Ricky Gervais. Humanity is one of Gervais’ funniest specials, returning to the stage with his trademark wit and biting social commentary. Expect his signature themes of fame, mortality, society’s obsession with outrage – and his ideas on the perfect jobs for different dog breeds. 

“Kevin James: Irregardless”

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Kevin James returns to his stand-up roots in Irregardless, offering a delightful mix of self-deprecating humour and hilarious stories from his everyday life. He’s utterly relatable, charismatic and has amazing stage presence. This one’s family-friendly too, making it a fun watch for all. 

“Jim Jeffries: BARE”

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The mother of his children. Gun control. Nothing is off the table in this special. Australian comedian Jim Jeffries takes on everything from politics to religion, delivering his trademark irreverence and blunt humour. Known for pushing boundaries, Jeffries’ hilarious takes on controversial topics will have you laughing and thinking, did he really just say that? 

“Nikki Glaser: Good Clean Filth”

Watch on Apple TV+

If you thought Nikki Glaser killed it on the recent Tom Brady Roast, you’ll want to check out her own stand up specials. Good Clean Filth is anything but clean, but it’s absolutely hilarious. Known for her candid takes on sex, relationships, and modern life, Glaser’s unfiltered humour and sharp observations make this special a riot from start to finish. 

“Wil Anderson ‘Fire at Wil’”

Watch on Stan

Into Australian comedy? Wil Anderson makes it onto the list with his 2017 special ‘Fire at Wil’, which tackled everything from politics to personal anecdotes with his quick-fire delivery and keen insight. This special is a brilliant showcase of why he’s one of Australia’s top comedic talents.

Catch these titles and more on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, Stan, Hayu, Britbox and Apple TV+ on Fetch from Telstra . Happy watching! 

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