‘Stranger Things’ Star Dacre Montgomery Gets His Speedos on For New Campaign

‘Stranger Things’ Star Dacre Montgomery Gets

Dacre Montgomery gets back in the water and goes Full Speedo for a new, global campaign.

Montgomery strips down to his red swimmers in the Speedo ad, a fun romp which arrives fully formed ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

A two-time Screen Actors Guild Awards nominee, Montgomery is right at home in his Speedos.

The Australian actor’s breakthrough came with Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” in which he stars as the hunky rogue Billy Hargrove, who, for his day job as life saver at the Hawkins Community Pool, casts his spell on each and every mum.

Perth, Western Australia indie-rock act The Beefs soundtrack the #GoFullSpeedo ad with the new song “Full Speed.”

Cut for the campaign, “Full Speed” will be added to the band’s just-released EP Grillin Jams Vol 1, and re-released next Wednesday, May 22, at which time the song will be serviced to radio and pitched to DSPs.

“We sent off a song and the rest was history, really,” The Beefs frontman Sammy Smith tells The Music Network, sister title of Variety Australia.

“From the first meeting to the final product it genuinely went Full Speedo,” adds Smith, whose band is represented worldwide by ORiGiN Music Publishing.

“One minute we’re having a zoom chat about the campaign then the next I’m flying to Sydney to do a cameo in the ad because they loved the band and the whole world of The Beefs and what it represents so much.”

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Australian sports fans will be glued to their screens when the Summer Games kick off July 26 in Paris, with the pool — and Speedos — typically dominating the first week’s schedule.

Speedo plans to push its promo across other platforms in the weeks ahead, building a buzz that will shake walls when the Olympics get underway.

Montgomery’s credits include the 2017 action film “Power Rangers “(as Jason Scott), Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 biopic “Elvis” (as Steve Binder) and the Jessie Hill-helmed music video for Angus & Julia Stone’s lush 2017 song “Chateau.”

Meanwhile, The Beefs’ “Full Speed” got the rush-release treatment on Tuesday, May 14.