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Hot Sauce Showdown: Find the Perfect Dip For Your Chip

Old El Paso Hot Sauce Showdown

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With the 2024 Paris Olympics fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how we’ll keep our bodies in peak physical condition for hours of shouting at the screen and cheering on our champions. With the athletes on training and diet regimens longer than the Australian Pole Vaulting team’s gold-medal winning poles, we supporters need to be thinking easy, fun, delicious, and nutritious (to maximise our cheer-squad abilities … hey, we all need to do our bit).

While the Summer Games might be played out before our eyes in the most romantic city in the world, cassoulet is too fiddly for couch food, crépes aren’t dinner, and bourguignon takes too long.

That’s why we’re taking our taste-buds to flavour town.

Old El Paso—the OG household name when it comes to at-home (sorry, en casa) tacos—is here to satiate your hunger during the games. What better way to feed the people while enjoying weird and wonderful sports that only pop up once every Olympiad (Greco-Roman wrestling, we’re looking at you)?

We decided it was high-time to add to that list and invent a few new games to the ever-contentious list of Olympic Sports. Skateboarding got the nod from the IOC back in 2020—why shouldn’t ours?

We asked Sydney singer-songwriter (and all-round funnyman) Go-Jo to hit the streets with a microphone, a camera, and Old El Paso’s range of salsas to test the taste buds of some unsuspecting passers-by.


Can you handle the heat? @heyimgojo hits the streets of Sydney to test @oldelpasoanz’s hot salsas – from mild, to medium to hot! What is your spice tolerance

♬ original sound – Rolling Stone AU/NZ – Rolling Stone AU/NZ


See our brave tasting panel dip their toes into the Rio Grande of spice with the mild salsa from  Old El Paso (proving there’s Mexican-inspired flavour to be enjoyed by all—even if chilli isn’t your thing). Be amazed at the daring feats as they hook into a freshly-cracked jar of medium salsa—the perfect dip for your chip if you want to play it spicy but safe. 

And watch in awe as our heroes finish with the hot salsa from Old El Paso —made with maximum flavour and a nice hit of chilli for those who prefer it muy picanté. Eating dip might not be an official sport, but it is a delicious one.

Old El Paso has officially partnered with the Australian Olympic Team to support our sporting heroes as they head to France, so grabbing a taco kit and making it Mexican for your viewing party, TV dinner, or Opening Ceremony Grand Buffet (El Buffet Grande?) is doing more than just giving your taste buds a treat, it’s giving our heroes a hi-5 as they strive for gold.