Mark Klemens Features in Episode 2 of Variety Australia Podcast with JMC Academy

Mark Klemens
When it comes to the biggest names in Australian entertainment, we often only see the highlight reel – the big announcements, new book deal, prime time TV spots, and award shows. But what really goes on behind the scenes? And who is the mastermind helping these stars succeed? 

Welcome to the second of three episodes in the Variety Australia Podcast series, in partnership with JMC Academy. In the latest episode, host Poppy Reid has an insightful conversation with Mark Klemens, Managing Director of Profile Talent Management. The episode dives into the complex yet fascinating world of talent management, shedding light on the strategies and networks that can help propel entertainment careers to success. 

Produced by JMC Academy’s Audio Engineering students and recorded in front of a live student audience at their campus in Melbourne, the conversation is tailored for those hungry to navigate the entertainment industry. It’s filled with tips and advice for getting your start and building a long-lasting career. 

“Everybody’s different, everybody has their own unique brand,” shares Klemens, the man behind some of Australia’s most celebrated entertainers. With a roster boasting names like Hamish and Andy, Whippa, Dannii Minogue, Sonya Kruger, and Fifi Box, Klemens’ expertise as an experienced negotiator is unparalleled. 

Throughout the episode, he gives a peek behind the curtain of his approach to managing these high-profile clients and shares his own unlikely personal journey from barrister to industry leader. “I went to law school and I was a barrister for probably 15 years,” he recounts, proving you don’t have to follow the ‘typical’ path to success in entertainment. 

Ultimately, Klemens believes there’s only two ingredients you need to make it in the business.  “One is a level of humility, because if you start believing everything you read about yourself, you’ll get carried away in your own publicity and that’s not a good thing. And secondly is to have a really solid, strong work ethic,” he shares in the episode. 

The episode finishes with questions from students in the live audience. Klemens goes into detail about his approach to strategy, taking on new talent, and why warmth and personality is such a huge component to making it big. 

For JMC Academy, the Variety Australia Podcast partnership shows how the Academy is bridging the gap between education and industry – giving students a chance to experience a live podcast recording, while meeting and learning from key industry figures in the flesh. Keen to learn more? Applications are now open for students keen to take their education to the next level in 2024. 

Stream the Variety Australia Podcast hosted by Poppy Reid below or anywhere you get your podcasts.