“Taskmaster Australia” Season 1 has ended, however there are already hints it could be back for Season 2.

Its broadcast network, Network 10, has remained silent on whether it will be renewed, however host Tom Gleeson may have given away the game.

In the final moments of “Taskmaster Australia” Season 1, he said: “So there we have it, our first season is over. Our contestants have endured 10 weeks of immense hardship. They’ve conquered their fears, battled their demons and defied the odds all while being judged by me….

“That’s it from me. See you next season on “Taskmaster Australia”. Goodnight.”

When approached for confirmation of Gleeson’s reveal, a spokesperson declined to comment.

Season 1 of the local iteration of show premiered in February to 520,000 national overnight viewers. A week later, its Total TV audience, including those who had viewed a recording within seven days and those who had caught up online via 10 Play, was up to 621,000.

Its final episode 10 weeks later had an overnight national audience of 367,000, which lifted to a total of 518,000 seven days later.

This year’s season had five comedians – Julia Morris, Luke McGregor, Jimmy Rees, Nina Oyama and Danielle Walker – competing in tasks, each of which were said to be “more mind-bending and head-scratching than the last”.

“‘Taskmaster’ rewards innovation, berates incompetence and doles out a laugh a minute,” Network 10 added ahead of its premiere.

Internationally, the format has been sold to 12 countries, with over 300 episodes produced outside the U.K. It was also given life to a YouTube channel, an app and a board game.

Each new season traditionally has a new batch of comedians competing to be the champion.