Miley Cyrus Filmed Traumatic ‘Black Mirror’ Scene as Her Malibu Home Burned Down, Which Led to Anxiety Attacks ‘Two or Three Years Later’

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Miley Cyrus revealed on her “Used to Be Young” TikTok video series that she was filming a traumatic scene for “Black Mirror” in South Africa at the same time the Woolsey Fire ripped through Malibu, Calif. and burned her home to the ground. The two incidents happening in tandem with each other resulted in anxiety attacks years later, which kicked in every time Cyrus had to perform. The singer was haunted by a vision of herself being tied down to a gurney, which is the exact scene she shot for “Black Mirror” at the time of the fires.

“I was filming ‘Black Mirror’ and while I was there the fires happened in Malibu,” Cyrus said. “I was in South Africa but [the episode] was taking place in Malibu, so it was just a real trip. Two or three years later after this happened, I didn’t understand, but I had this anxiety attack with a vision attached where I was strapped down to a gurney.”

“I would have these dreams any time I would go to perform, and I thought that was just an anxious vision that made no sense,” she added. “But actually as my house was burning I was strapped to a gurney with my hands locked in handcuffs strapped to a bed [filming ‘Black Mirror’].

Cyrus included the “Black Mirror” scene in her TikTok video. The scene finds her character, Ashley O, strapped to a medical bed against her will having a panic attack. Cyrus appeared in the “Black Mirror” Season 5 episode “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” written by series creator Charlie Brooker and directed by Anne Sewitsky. Cyrus plays a pop star whose personality is cloned into a robotic doll.

“I found out that my house had burned to the ground, and this was the next day of [filming],” Cyrus added in the TikTok video, revealing that she filmed the viral music video for Ashley O’s single “On a Roll” the day after her Malibu home burned down. The video went on to earn 19 million views on YouTube.

“The show goes on,” she added about her work mentality at the time.

Cyrus’ “Black Mirror” episode is available to stream on Netflix.

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