New Trailer Released for ‘The Claremont Murders’

The Claremont Murders
David Dare Parker

The Seven Network has provided a first look at its upcoming drama series “The Claremont Murders”.

The two-part drama is based on murders which took place in Western Australia in 1996 and 1997.

“When three young women went missing in Claremont in the late nineties, it set off the biggest unsolved murder case in Western Australian history,” publicity for the show said.

“It took 25 years to solve the crime. This is the story of how the Claremont killer was caught.”

The show will follow the police investigation, with Ryan Johnson (“How to Please a Woman” and “Doctor Doctor” as Detective Steve Kirby. The drama also starsC atherine Văn-Davies (“The Twelve”), Aaron Glenane (“Shantaram”), Laura Gordon (“Undertow”), Andrea Demetriades (“Pulse”), Craig Hall (“Boy”), Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (“Underbelly Razor”), Tasma Walton (“Mystery Road”), Joel Jackson (“Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door”), Tom O’Sullivan (“Molly”), Erik Thomson (“Aftertaste”), and Kate Ritchie, who recently left Nova’s drive show to join the Sydney breakfast radio team “Fitzy and Wippa”.

“The Claremont Murders” comes from the creative team behind “Catching Milat”, and was written by Justin Monjo (“Bali 2002”) and Michaeley O’Brien (“Mystery Road”). Kerrie Mainwaring, Peter Andrikidis and Jamie Hilton were producers. It was a Screentime Production in association with See Pictures for the Seven Network, with Banijay Rights handling international sales.

Seven has not yet announced the air date, saying only that it is “coming soon” to Channel 7 and 7Plus.