Why ‘& Juliet’ Is The Most Joyful Musical to Hit Australian Theatres

Why ‘& Juliet’ Is The Most

The exhilarating ‘& Juliet’ musical is a hit in Melbourne theatres. Audiences abroad – and now locally – have been raving about the show’s unique blend of joy and empowerment. It’s also being applauded for the genius way it modernises Shakespeare’s five-hundred-year-old classic, Romeo and Juliet.

The show combines a modern soundtrack with empowering themes of self-discovery and acceptance, making it an enticing offering for a broad range of theatregoers. Its diverse and talented cast breathes new life into the classic story, delivering performances that have resonated with audiences of all ages. The inclusive storyline touches on topics like gender fluidity, feminism, and following your own path in a way that is uplifting without being preachy.

Clever writing from Schitt’s Creek co-writer David West Read keeps things lively, while the unforgettable musical numbers consistently leave everyone on their feet. 

Read on to discover the five reasons why ‘& Juliet’ is a must-see show.

Empowering Themes and a Modern Soundtrack

‘& Juliet’ is filled with empowering themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and living a true life. The show’s modern soundtrack features 30 hit songs by renowned pop stars such as Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Pink. These anthems of self-empowerment and self-realization create an atmosphere of pure joy and make ‘& Juliet’ an unforgettable experience.

Fresh and Diverse Cast

The cast of ‘& Juliet’ is outstanding, with the debut of seven new young musical theatre talents. The performers, led by Lorinda May Merrypor as Juliet, deliver consistently impressive singing and bring energy and enthusiasm to every performance. Their passion and talent make this show a truly joyful experience for audiences. 

Also featuring in the star-studded cast are the likes of Casey Donovan, Rob Mills and Amy Lehpamer.

Inclusive and Relatable Storyline

Unlike other ‘girl power’ shows, ‘& Juliet’ takes a broader, more refined approach, encompassing themes such as gender fluidity, feminism, and following your own path. This makes for an uplifting and energizing night in the theatre. The show speaks directly to a young audience who may recognize their own journey on stage, while older audience members have found the story to be a respectful, yet fresh version of the beloved original. The show delivers a powerful message that will resonate with all audiences.

Engaging and Humorous Performances

The performances in ‘& Juliet’ are filled with humour, thanks to the clever writing of David West Read, the acclaimed Schitt’s Creek writer. The literal setups to the songs provide much of the laughter, while the more subtle moments, like the setup to “Oops!…I Did it Again,” are more artful. The engaging and amusing performances contribute to the overall joyfulness of the show.

Showstopping Musical Numbers

‘& Juliet’ boasts showstopping musical numbers that consistently see audiences springing to their feet. From Blake Appelqvist’s outstanding rendition of “It’s My Life” to Hayden Tee leading the cast through “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” these incredible performances are the epitome of unashamed, unbridled joy. The cast’s ability to captivate and energize the audience makes ‘& Juliet’ the most joyful theatre experience in Australia today.

& JULIET is now playing at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre for a limited season. Tickets are available through Ticketek.