SPA Makes First Program Announcement for 2023

Screen Forever Speakers
Courtesy of SPA

The first speakers and session topics for Screen Forever have been revealed by Screen Producers Australia (SPA).

Screen Forever 37 will take place on the Gold Coast in May, bringing together screen professionals to discuss and debate the sector’s biggest challenges, issues, opportunities and trends.

Grace Chung, Google Australia’s head of research, will delve into the latest developments in AI script writing tools, how AI is transforming the creative process and the ethics surrounding its use.

Rita Arrigo, a renowned digital strategist, will also explore the exciting potential and challenges of AI in screenwriting, production and storytelling, while Kate Armstrong-Smith, co-founder and CEO at Othelia, will take part in an interactive panel providing insights, case studies and discussions on the future of AI in the entertainment industry.

In addition to AI, the conference program will explore the evolving lifecycle of streaming services. Tim Mulligan, MIDiA executive VP and research director, will sit on a panel looking at the factors that lead to the astronomical demand for content across streaming services and whether this ‘streaming bubble’ is about to burst.

The conference will also explore issues such as crew shortages, sustainability and inclusion.

In this vein, “Stateless” showrunner Elise McCredie will take part in a discussion about how writers are weaving issues such as the environment, sexuality and racism into screen stories, highlighting awareness without imposing opinions.

Stephanie Dower, meanwhile, the 2023 SPA Leadership Diversity Mentorship Participant, will produce a session in which Australian Paralympian Paul Nunnari and 2022 SPA Ones To Watch program participant Chanel Bowen will explore how the future can be accessible and inclusive for all storytellers and explore what ‘accessibility’ really means in the context of production for producers, crews, cast and even audiences.

The full Screen Forever 37 program will be released in late March.

Last year’s conference explored ideas including workforce shortages, and firearms on film and TV sets, as well as the ever-evolving local content quotas debate.

You can register and find out more information here.