Five Ways ‘& Juliet’ Upgrades Shakespeare’s Classic Romance

Courtesy of Michael Cassel Group

The exuberant musical & Juliet is in town, featuring the star power of Casey Donovan (Angelique), Lorinda May Merrypor as Juliet and Amy Lehpamer as Anne. 

Here’s the setup: What if William Shakespeare’s wife, the original Anne Hathaway, got to tell her own version of Rome and Juliet, where Juliet chose life at the end? What if all of the latest pop songs were melded perfectly into the story, which is itself a celebration of the millennial woman? 

Well, you’ll just have to go along to find out! To guide you on your journey, here are five ways & Juliet successfully modernises Shakespeare’s classic

The Cast


The cast is an absolute tour de force with an extensive resume on stage and screen. Featuring the household name of Casey Donovan as Angelique, the nurse who rescues Juliet from a bind in this version of the tale, which spotlights talented up-and-comer Lorinda May Merrpor as Juliet. Anne, played by Amy Lehpamer, sets out to ‘fix’ her husband, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, breaking the fourth wall and shattering expectations. Throw in the likes of Rob Mills and Blake Appelqvist and you’re cheering!

The Playlist


For those who know the Shakespeare original like the back of their hands, how enticing is the idea of seeing a retelling? Well, one thing you can guarantee is that Romeo And Juliet’s soundtrack has nothing on this one. Turning the beloved story on its head and adding music that hilariously underscores the story and spotlights pop icons such as Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys? Sign us up.

The Message


If the messaging of the original story seems a little outdated, that can be forgiven: it is nearly 500 years old, after all. In 2023, audiences are looking for the kinds of stories that expand their minds and represent the world they live in. This is delivered in droves in & Juliet, posing modern questions of equality, sexuality and gender fluidity in a captivating way. This isn’t just a reimagining, it’s a recontextualisation in the best way possible.

Main Character Energy

This story spotlights three incredible female talents who never got the chance to shine in the original, providing new perspectives on the tale as well as allowing some of the less-appreciated characters to get the starring role they deserved. Angelique, Anne and Juliet are front and centre this time around

The Creatives

What better way to update the work of a 16th genius than to utilise the talents of a 21st-century icon? From the Emmy-Winning writer of Schitt’s Creek, & Juliet is David West Read’s latest vehicle for biting satire with a message as sharp as its wit.

 & JULIET is now playing at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre for a limited season. Tickets are available through Ticketek.