“The Best 30 Years” is a new five-part documentary series set to broadcast on the Nine Network’s 9Gem.

The DCM Media production is executive produced by Gretel Killeen, author, TV host and comedy writer. Killeen also led the concept and script development and final production of the series.

Gravity Media Australia provided creative production, technology and post-production services in the development and completion of the series.

“The Best 30 Years” will take viewers across the country to hear the stories and capture the lives of Australians, and speak to specialists on health, fitness, lifestyle and financial management for older Australians.

Publicity for the series said its core focus was to inform, inspire and motivate people of all ages on older Australians enjoying their future years.

Chris Baynes, CEO of DCM Media, was full of praise for the show’s production partner.

“Gravity Media has been our perfect production partner with an A-Grade team and excellent facilities,” he said. “I couldn’t imagine another production house that could have delivered in the time frame and geography our project demanded.”

Mike Purcell, head of production at Gravity Media, said it had been a pleasure to collaborate with Baynes and the DCM team on the project.

“It’s great to work alongside like-minded people who are passionate about informative storytelling. Gravity Media fulfilled all in-house, from location and studio filming, edit suites, graphic design, and experienced crew. Kudos to everyone on a very successful outcome and delivering a quality television series,” he said.

“‘The Best 30 Years’ adds to Gravity Media’s diverse stable of diverse turn-key productions including corporate production, television commercials, stand-up comedy, sport, music, documentaries and remote production.”